Canterburys #1 Nigerian food – Ms Os Kitchen

If a constant hankering for Nigerian food plagues your mind, or you’ve always wanted to try it; then look no further than Ms Os Kitchen in Canterbury.

Ms Os Kitchen is home to an array of Nigerian West African food such as Jollof Rice, Efo Riro, Plantain etc.


I think the most exciting meal on offer is the meal deal which stands at £11. Don’t be alarmed at the price, because what you will receive for that price is well worth it. The meal consists of Jollof Rice, Plantains, 2 sauce-grilled chickens (with vegetable sauce), Gizdodo, 2 sauced chicken wings and to relinquish your thirst; a delectable Fanta to top it all of. With the portion size, this meal is not the one to be missed.


To order a selection of the finest interpretation that there is of Nigerian food, you can order her food at Unirunners. Unirunners is a 24hr delivery app (that’s free) in Canterbury/Medway that sends food to your doorstep (for those that don’t know). Unlike other delivery systems where you have a minimum spend before they will deliver to you, you can order as little as possible and it will still be delivered to your doorstep.

If you for whatever reason aren’t keen on the idea of Unirunners, then you can also contact her on her Snapchat account: @ms_ofure where I’m certain that an agreement can be reached upon. Enjoy your food!

By Francis Olaku

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