Met issues weather warning for Kent

The Met Office has issued a yellow warning for tomorrow.

The south-east of England is expected to be hit with gusts of wind in excess of 40 mph, with heavy rain also likely.

Kent Police offer the following advice on what to do before and during strong winds on their website: “Secure or store loose objects outside that could blow into windows.

“Close and fasten doors and windows securely.

“During high winds, stay indoors as much as possible – don’t go outside to repair damage during a storm.

“Slow down if driving on exposed routes, such as across bridges.

“Find alternative, less exposed routes if possible.

“Take particular care of side winds if driving a high-sided vehicle or if you’re towing another vehicle or container.

“Don’t touch electrical or phone cables that have blown down or are hanging loose.”

There is also a small chance that homes and businesses may be damaged by flooding, as well as some roads and bridges being shut.

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