CCCU offer students up to £3000 in compensation

Christ Church’s Broadstairs students have been offered nearly £3,000 compensation after the university announced it was closing their campus.

University bosses revealed the closure in 2017, saying it was because of “dwindling numbers” of people choosing to study there.

Students who study at Broadstairs have been offered financial compensation of up to£1,500 because of the disturbances caused by the closing of the campus.

The campus is due to close

Some students have also been offered an additional £1,448 if they choose to continue to study in Broadstairs in order to refund any of their travel costs to Canterbury to use facilities or to commute.

This means some students will receive a total of nearly £3,000.

But one Broadstairs student claims that the university had not been transparent enough when negotiating the deal with students.

“It was a bit ambiguous in the beginning”

The student who wanted to remain anonymous said: “It was a bit ambiguous in the beginning.

“They framed it as if they were not going to take on any more students. We weren’t actually told they were going to close.

“We should have been told [before we started] that the campus would dwindle down to really low numbers – common sense says that if the bulk of the group is going, there’s a possibility they will have to close it.”

A spokesperson for the University responded by saying: “Any prospective students that were looking to study on a Broadstairs-based Arts and Humanities course from 2016 onwards were told via communications in the prospectus, website and Open Days that a planning application had been submitted to Canterbury City Council for a new Arts building and facilities on the Canterbury campus.

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“If planning permission was granted (which it was in spring 2017) then the plan would be to relocate the Arts and Humanities courses at Broadstairs to the new facilities in Canterbury in September 2018.

“A decision on courses other than Arts and Humanities being run at Broadstairs, and the future of the Broadstairs Campus, was not made until summer last year (2017).”

A change in the law in 2015 meant students are now classified as consumers.

This means that students are protected under the Consumer Protection Regulations Act, and are entitled to compensation if the university makes substantial changes to a student’s course.

CCSU comments

A spokesperson for Christ Church’s Student Union explained how they help students in such instances: “The Union’s responsibility to our members is to ensure that students are not out of pocket or unfairly disadvantaged.

“In line with the Consumer Protection Regulations Act that students are now protected by, following the announced changes at the Broadstairs campus the Union made sure we were there every step of the way for the students.

“Whilst the process has been a long and difficult one for the close knit Broadstairs community, we supported students to make sure their voices were heard, which has resulted in a number choosing to continue their studies at Broadstairs.”

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