The Archbishop of Canterbury describes Meghan Markle as ‘exceptional’ ahead of the royal wedding

The Archbishop of Canterbury has described Meghan Markle as ‘an exceptional person’ in the run up to the royal wedding.

In an exclusive interview with Unified the senior Church of England figure shared his thoughts about Ms Markle marrying into the royal family.

When asked about racial objections to Meghan marrying Prince Harry the Archbishop said: “I cannot begin to imagine why.

“I think she’s an exceptional person.”

The Archbishop said Meghan Markle is an exceptional person

The Archbishop went on to further describe Meghan’s personality traits, having spent time with her this year during preparations for the big day.

“I’ve got to know her a bit and she’s a very remarkable person. Her race has nothing to do with anything. Nor does her background, nor does her nationality.

“She is someone of thoughtfulness integrity, service, commitment to duty.

“Those are the things which qualify or disqualify someone. Not their race, nationality and background.”

This follows reports from earlier this year that UKIP leader Henry Bolton’s girlfriend, Jo Marney, had made racist comments about Markle.

The ex-Canterbury Christ Church student was dumped by Bolton and suspended from the party after the Daily Mail exposed derogatory messages she had sent.

Marney’s remarks included offensive racial slurs such as: “I wouldn’t with a negro….Ugly. Not my thing. They don’t turn me on.”

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