Soon to launch app could help you with your exams

Three university students have developed an app to get you off your phone and into your revision.

Robert Van Der Bergh and his friends created the app to prevent students from getting distracted by their phones when preparing for exams.

The app allows you to set a period of time that you do not want to go on your phone for and then asks you how much that is worth to you.

Speaking about the app, Robert said: “Did you know that the average adult in the UK spends over 2 hours on their phone every day?

“I have made a productivity app with two friends to try and help students get off of their phone and be more present.

“Have you ever sat down to try and get some work done and not been able to put your phone down or been out with friends for dinner and they have been on their phone for the entire time? Our app is based on neuroscientific and psychological principles, acting as a commitment device for people to step away from their smartphone.”

The user can put an amount of money (£2.50 to £20) that will be donated to a charity of their choice if they go on their phone during the time they have set to not go on their phone.

Robert chose the following four charities as they thought they were relevant to students: Mind, WWF, Save The Children & British Red Cross.

The app is expected to launch very soon!

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Sean McPolin

Sean is a third-year multimedia journalism student and News Editor for Unified. He has had work used at BBC, ITV, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed and the Daily Mail. He's an aspiring online journalist with a key interest in sports, and has written for the Mirror Sport and Mail Online.

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