Introducing our Christ Church Students’ Union Presidents 18/19

You’ll be seeing a lot of them for the next year, so you might as well get to know what each CCSU president is all about.

Phil, Chloe, Jamie and Jordan are some names that you may find familiar over the upcoming academic year as they takeover and become your new SABB team.

For those of you who don’t know the meaning of SABBS; these are the Sabbatical Officers for the University who direct the Union and speak on behalf of all the students here at Christ Church.

The SABBS are re-elected each year and we want YOU to get to know them from the beginning of your 2018/2019 experience at CCCU. Whether you are joining as a fresher, returning for your second year or about to go into your final year, student experience is vital for each and every one.

Unified have spoken to the SABBS and this is your chance to hear about their University experience and how they want to improve yours.


Phil Kloppenborg – Union President

“My name is Phil Kloppenborg and I am the Union president at Canterbury Christ Church Students’ Union. Before I was elected toward the end of the last academic year I studied Sport and Leisure Management over three years.

“My student experience has largely been a positive one. I enjoyed my course from the start and was lucky enough to have very good, committed, lecturers who helped me along the way. However, it was my involvement with the Union that was the real highlight of my student experience. Being a part of a sports team resulted in me getting involved with the union and opened up so many opportunities for me, allowing me to be apart of something and throw events – all of which complimented what I was studying.

“This year my presidential role has an academic remit and as such some of my priorities focus on your academia. One of my main objectives this year is to revamp the student academic representation system. This involves a review and change to the training as well as the ensuring students have the opportunities to attend meetings and have their voices heard. I also plan to create a small student reps committee that will meet with me to discuss the different areas of academia and what they feel needs to change.

“Another objective is to ensure there is a priority placed on mental health. This year it is an overall Union goal to ensure that the importance of wellbeing is being stated throughout the year rather than solely being on specific celebratory days. By imbedding this message throughout what we do this year we shall hopefully show the level of importance we all should be placing on wellbeing.

“There are plenty more objectives that i have for this year, they are all on the CCSU website, click on the success plan link to see my manifesto points and how i am progressing them. My calendar is now on the CCSU website for everyone to see. Hopefully this will show what we (all presidents) get up to on a day to day basis.

Add me as a friend on facebook (Phil Kloppenborg), feel free to message me with any questions you have or email me at”

Chloe Woolaway – President of Sport and Engagement

“Hi, i’m Chloe Woolaway and i’m the President (Sports and Engagement) of the Christ Church Students’ Union. Before being elected I studied Film, Radio and TV and was part of the women’s football and women’s cricket clubs.

“My experience as a student has mainly been quite positive. Of course there were hiccups along the way but there was always help around me to get me through it. For me, the main aspects of uni are your degree, making friends and getting involved within the Students Union. Getting involved within the Union was the best decision I made and I know for a fact I wouldn’t be in this role now if I hadn’t got involved in sports or volunteered myself when the opportunities came up.

“One thing I have to say to anyone starting off at University, is to just throw yourself into it.

“At my first Freshers Fayre, I signed up to football, volleyball, snowsports, badminton and athletics and it was great because there were no pressures on what ones I would end up taking up. I ended up going with football and badminton then after 2 years I wanted a change, so I took up cricket as well as football.

“Back in March I was elected by students to become the 18/19 President of Sports and Engagement. Some of the things I want to work on this year are introducing wellbeing officers into all sports clubs and give them training (which is now COMPLETE), also to continue campaigns from previous years and target 3 key campaigns to work on over the year with these including mental wellbeing and engagement.

“Other than my manifesto points there has been other ideas that I will hopefully be working on and delivering during my sabbatical year.

“If you want more insight into what I want to change and what i’ll be working on then please see my success plan on the CCSU website and don’t be afraid to challenge me by asking me questions, or perhaps you like the sound of an idea and want to get involved?

Just drop me an email at”

Jamie Harris – President of Wellbeing

“Hi, my name is Jamie Harris and i’m your President (Wellbeing) at Christ Church Students’ Union. Previously throughout my three years at uni, I studied Primary Education which i thoroughly enjoyed before taking up this position here at the Union.

“I have really enjoyed my time here at Christ Church. The opportunities and experience it has provided me with has been incredibly valuable. Although I found it quite challenging, I enjoyed my course and my tutors were so helpful. I also made some lifelong friends with people from my course. I have embraced multiple opportunities within the Union, getting involved with the Men’s Cricket team, representing the Club as a committee member and being part of the Sports Executive committee. This has really benefited me as this has allowed me to get involved with other areas of Uni life, also providing an important break away from my university work.

“I can positively say that the experience of playing sport was the best experience that I have ever had and this significantly contributed to me running for election for a position in the Students’ Union. My advice to you would be to embrace all of the opportunities that you can whilst at University, and an added bonus is that all of these volunteering options looks good on your CV!

“This year i am responsible for your general wellbeing needs and any issues that you may encounter with University life. I also take care of community links and sustainability here at the university.

“One of my aims is to improve and increase the awareness of the support services here at university so that students can be supported whenever they need it. To help with this I have created an event on a Tuesday called “Chooseday Chill” (5-7pm Augustine House) to help students seek out of hours help and support if they need it whilst having a go at some fun activities and receiving free tea and toast.

We want to show the importance placed on Wellbeing within our university throughout the year. There are also drop ins throughout the day at Augustine House from 10am until 4pm. I would also like to run a Mental Health awareness campaign throughout the year on “looking after your mate”, if this is something that you would like to help out with then please get in touch.

“Another key objective is to improve the representation of liberation groups within the university by continue the running of the DEL committee to help hear from students about what they want to implement. As well as trying to reach out to more students and engage them within the community, I am currently organising a CCSU Black History month event and other various events throughout the year to help keep spreading these messages.

“You can access my success plan on the CCSU website to see my other plans for the year and if there is anything that you would like to find out you can email me on or find me on Facebook (Jamie Harris). You can come and talk to me about anything. I have an open door policy so I can speak to you whenever suits within my working hours of 9am-5pm. You can view my calendar on the CCSU website so that you know when I am free and what I am getting up to.”

Jordan Howard – President of Development

“Hi all, I’m Jordan Howard, and I’m your President (Development), as well as being the Chair of the Board of Trustees. This is my second year as a sabbatical as I was President (Education and Wellbeing) last year. When I was a student at Christ Church I studied Events Management.

“While at Christ Church, I was really involved in the Union, playing both Cricket and Hockey and even being elected Cricket President in my final year as well as being chosen to sit on Sports Exec. Not only that, I was elected Student Trustee, which mean I sat on both Union Council and the Board of Trustees, this meant that I completely saw how the Union was ran and was involved in a lot of the big decisions, even as a student.

“This year, my main duties include looking after the societies, volunteering and fundraising and being the lead for our Campus network, which means I’ll be on our satellite campuses a lot!

“Some of my key objectives this year include; improving services for societies and their members, improving our fundraising and volunteering logging and trying to make student experience better on all of our campuses.

“If you want to set up a society, get involved in fundraising or have and comments, suggestions or complaints about any of CCCU’s campuses, get in touch with me on”

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