Blocks of Parham Road Accommodation to be turned into Council Houses

Canterbury City Council has bought parts of Parham Road student accommodation as part of an on going plan to increase council homes. 

Blocks of CCCU-leased Parham Road student accommodation has been sold off to Canterbury City Council, as part of an ongoing plan to create more council homes in the city.

Additionally, parts of Parham Road will be left to run to the end of their contracts in efforts to create more student accommodation closer the centre of Canterbury, unlike Parham Road which is situated on the out-skirts.

As part of the council’s plans to spend £23m on creating new homes, 193 student bedsits have been purchased.

“It isn’t what it was five years ago”

Jordan Howard, Development President at Christ Church Students’ Union said: “It’s a shame they’re selling a Christ Church institution in Parham, but it isn’t what it was five years ago.”

Each house was bought for a fraction of the price of other Canterbury homes.

Last summer, the university started to release a number of residences to the council, after their leases finished.

The council has not disclosed how much they paid for all of the student housing alone or when construction will begin.

In a statement Canterbury City Council said: “There are 2,401 households on the city council’s Housing Needs Register who, for various reasons, are unable to afford private market housing.

“The council is approached by around 1,000 households a year who fear they are about to be made homeless.

“This is part of an ongoing programme to increase the number of council flats and house that started in 2015.

“By March 31st this year, we had already bought 47 homes. This deal will take the number to 110.”

Properties totalling £23m will soon be renovated into new council houses.

“Secure housing for our students within the city centre.”

Properties purchased include: 1-6 Parham Court, 4-8 Parham Close, Riverdale House, Albert Mews, Stour Promenade and Glenside Avenue. Alongside this, a three-storey block of six flats in Parham Road will also be renovated into new social housing.

In a statement, a spokeswoman for CCCU said: ‘The University’s accommodation strategy is to provide modern, purpose-built, secure housing for our students within the city centre.

‘Developments such as St George’s and Petros Court have enabled us to hand back properties that the University leased across the city, as and when our contracts have allowed us to. This includes the release of Parham Court, Parham Close and Stour Promenade last summer.’

The number of houses sold off used to cater for over 200 occupants, however, student will now have less choice outside of the bustling centre of Canterbury.

Brittany Tijou-Smith

Brittany is a third year Multimedia Journalism student, her work has been featured on KentLive and KentOnline. Her filming work also won ‘Documentary of the Year 2018’ at Canterbury Christ Church University.

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