The Ultimate Guide to Canterbury Student Nightlife

Looking for a good night out? We’ve gathered all the hotspots for students looking to explore the Canterbury nightlife. 

Canterbury homes around 30,000 students so there’s no wonder that there’s plenty of places to party. There’s raves for those who want to party until 6am, fancy pubs for date nights and karaoke sessions for a laugh.

Looking for the best events this Canterbury Freshers’ Week 2018? Here you go. 

1) Clubbing & partying 

Club Chemistry

Boasts as Canterbury’s biggest nightclub. Different dance-floors to cater to different music taste from r&b, pop, house to the cheesiest songs that you can’t help but sing along to. It’s here.

Every student who loves a good party knows that Chemistry is always a safe shout.

The Cuban

A bit more intimate, a lot smaller than Chemistry, but others like that about The Cuban.

Well known for the tunes that’s played in the upstairs room: good r&b and hip hop.

Conveniently placed in the heart of Canterbury town centre so you’re a few steps away from a McDonalds afterparty.

Tokyo Tea Rooms

Previously Steinbeck & Shaw, this club has been refurbished to a Japanese-theme bar and nightclub.

It can get quite packed on busy nights, especially Tuesday’s Glitterbomb event – but it’s worth it. Cheap drinks, live performers and an overall welcoming vibe.

It’s right next to CCCU’s student union bar so can do a bar hop from one to the other.

The Loft

This place is ‘designed for drinking and dancing’ with award winning cocktails. It’s considered to have ‘the best cocktails in town’ so maybe a pre-drinks treat?

They usually have deals on but if you’re buying the cocktails full price, then it may be pricier for students.

The Ballroom

A bit more on the unique, funky and quirky feel. The Ballroom is on the classier side with an extensive drinks menu, instagram worthy interior and all sorts of entertainment.

It’s got the class of a London venue but the price of a high-end Canterbury bar.


Alberrys is an other great spot for cocktails. Cheap-ish drinks (not as cheap as Club Chemistry) but you’ll be spoilt for choice.

There’s a student night on Wednesdays called ‘Know The Shindig’, it’s hosted by our very own CCCU student. Read more about the event here.

This place may look small from the outside, but you’ll see the magic happens on the dancefloor located in the basement.

2) Chilled nights out

The Jolly Sailor

A very, very popular student pub. Pre-drinks before Chem? Off to The Jolly Sailor. Stressed about exams? Off to The Jolly Sailor. Post varsity celebrations? Off to The Jolly Sailor.

You’ll almost ALWAYS find a student in here. A great spot for a chilled pub session with a great vibe.

The Jolly Sailor recently said goodbye, read about there story here.

Thomas Ingoldsby (Spoons)

It’s cheap, it’s cheerful, it’s Wetherspoons.

Recently refurbished with a classier, sophisticated look – you’ll be in for a cheap treat if you’re looking for a place to have ‘dinner and drinks’. It certainly won’t break your bank.

Citi Terrace

Citi Terrace has a refreshingly chilled yet classy atmopshere. It’s situated in an actual terrace in the middle of Canterbury town centre, it’s like you’re entering the city’s best kept secret.

Most people come here for shisha and drinks – which is the perfect night out alternative if you want a break from clubbing.

A bit more on the expensive side so start saving.

The Shakespeare

If you want to feel extra British then head over to The Shakespeare.

The most elegant places in Canterbury. It’s basically a pub crossed with a wine bar. Very stylish interior if you’re treating yourself to dinner.

The wine bar is separated from the pub by an outdoor seating area, a cute little spot for summer evenings and winter sunsets.

3) A bit of both

The Lounge

The official Christ Church Students’ Union bar. There’s cheap drinks and the most welcoming atmosphere. Here is a hotspot for CCCU students who wants to get away from their lecture halls and chill out over a few drinks.

Probably one of the best spots for pre-drinks, it’s super cheap and close to other venues.

The Penny Theatre

A personal favourite. The Penny Theatre sells OK priced drinks and decent cute cocktails that’s specifically for students. But karaoke night is the real star of the show.

it’s absolutely free to use the karaoke, just buy your drinks, that’s it. Be a popstar for just one night!

A fantastic night out that doesn’t involve a club, just full of laughter and fun.

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Claisse Opulencia

Editor-in-Chief of Unified. Claisse is a third year multimedia journalism student at CCCU. Amnesty Media Award Finalist 2018, IRN Awards Runner-up 2018 and nominated for two SPA Awards 2018.

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