UnifiedFem: Back And Sassier Than Ever

That’s right. UnifiedFem is back and we’re set to smash another year with sass-filled, inspiring and empowering content. 

So first, I think it’s important that I introduce myself. I’m Kallie Worsfold, your new UnifiedFem Editor. I’ll be taking over from Claisse –  the curator of Fem and Unified’s new Editor-In-Chief.

Claisse worked so hard last year on making UnifiedFem a place for us ladies to talk about us, share ideas to inspire each-other and create empowering content. I think it’s vital that we have this platform, especially as university students and I’m humble and excited to hopefully see it progress even further.

If you’re new here (welcome!) and not sure what topics we discuss on UnifiedFem, here’s what you can expect:

  • Female empowerment
  • Feminism
  • Mental health
  • Body confidence
  • Inspiration
  • Student life
  • Motivation
  • Dating/Relationships/Sex
  • Advice columns
  • Friendship dilemmas
  • Female struggles
  • Women in Culture
  • Women in Society

Our content aims to be inspiring and fun, yet personal and relatable for every female.

Also this year, I am introducing #GirlBlog – a hashtag for women to talk about their stories, goals, problems and adventures. I aim to make this a weekly feature, to encourage girls to talk more about how they feel (you never know, it might just inspire or help someone else!)

So with UnifiedFem back on the grind, I am officially recruiting writers! If you’ve had a disastrous date, want to share some body confidence or even if you just want to tell your story – get in touch! 

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