Why you should attend Christ Church Freshers’ Fayre 2018

You’re a brand new student and you want to find out about what societies you can join? Also want some free stuff? And maybe some pizza? Let’s talk about the Freshers’ Fayre.

Christ Church Freshers’ Fayre is the chance for you to have a full day of getting free things, meet some new people and plan your future at Christ Church.

It will take place at Christ Church Students’ Union and St Augustine Library on 19 September from 10am. Here’s why you should attend…

Societies, societies and more societies

There you’ll see all the societies you can join; from the basketball team, Harry Potter society or even Dungeons & Dragons – you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Societies are a chance for you to meet like-minded people. There you’ll meet good friends, have events to attend every week and a group to be a part of. Everyone recommends joining a society as it helps you meet people you wouldn’t usually meet through your lectures or accommodation.

Free food fest 

When you’re walking around, you’ll most likely be offered some Dominos Pizza or even a shot of some alcoholic beverage. Don’t bother eating before going because there will definitely be FREE food at the Freshers’ Fayre.

It always tastes better when it’s free.

Worried about making friends at uni? We’ve got a few tips for you, click here.

More freebies 

Almost every stall at Freshers’ Fayre will offer you a little something to take home. Whether it’s sweets, drinks, stationary or even a free meal somewhere.

Local businesses can have a pop up stall at the fayre and they’re usually kind enough to give us something in exchange for an email address.

Games and competitions

There will be stalls purely dedicated to some fun and games. Last year, there was a basketball hoop and whoever scored the highest won a prize. Or maybe guess the name of a teddy, if you’re more into simple games. Spin the Nando’s wheel to get some free chicken?

It’s just a bit of fun but if you’re lucky you might get something out of it.

Volunteering contacts

Enhance your CV as well as your student experience with some volunteering. You’ll be able to find all sorts of volunteering opportunities at the Freshers’ Fayre from the RAG society to local charities hoping you’ll be their newest volunteer.

If you want to find out more about volunteering before the Freshers’ Fayre, just email volunteer@canterbury.ac.uk

Get your email address ready

You’re at university so you should be ready to open up a whole world of opportunities. At the Freshers’ Fayre, you’ll have the chance to network with people, societies and local establishments.

So be ready to network and get your email address ready to hand out.

If you’re attending…

Then you should head over to the official events page and let Christ Church Students’ Union know that you’ll be there.

Also, give us a follow on Facebook so we can keep you updated about everything CCCU. See you at the Fayre!

A few pics from last year’s Christ Church Freshers Fayre:

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Claisse Opulencia

Editor-in-Chief of Unified. Claisse is a third year multimedia journalism student at CCCU. Amnesty Media Award Finalist 2018, IRN Awards Runner-up 2018 and nominated for two SPA Awards 2018.

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