7 reasons you need to binge The Vampire Diaries (if you haven’t already)

Grab the popcorn and the blankets, and prepare for the best binge watch that you won’t regret!

The Salvatore Brothers

Two brothers Damon and Stefan. You have the evil brother and the good brother. However, sometimes the other becomes evil or good, it gets confusing. But they’re so handsome and a serious heart-throb and a great reason to binge watch all eight seasons, trust me.

Damon Salvatore, played by Ian Somerhalder. He starts of as the antagonist and later on in the series becomes the protagonist. You will hardly ever see him without a leather jacket, or not wearing a form of dark clothing. Oh, and did I mention that jawline? Damn.

Stefan Salvatore, played by Paul Wesley. He is the nice guy through out and even in his ‘evil’ phase you can always tell he has a heart. He is such a sweetheart when it comes to romance and whilst Damon has the jawline, Stefan has the best hair.

Nina Dobrev- playing two roles

Throughout the first few seasons we meet Elena Gilbert a very timid girl, who studies at Mystic Falls high school and takes part in cheer leading in her spare time.

But then we meet the narcissistic Katherine Pierce, who has a rather loud fashion sense and is completely different to Elena, being she’s evil, loves to cause trouble and is very vain.

It is interesting to watch Nina Dobrev, juggle between these two characters, especially as they’re so different in many ways.

Vampires, witches, werewolves, vampire hunters, oh and Matt Donovan.

Obviously vampires play a big part throughout the series but for those who haven’t seen it witches have an equally important role despite it being called ‘The Vampire Diaries’.

The lovely Bonnie Bennett who plays a big role of being the witch that basically saves everyone’s life, she goes through so much heart break but every step she gets stronger.

If that is not enough supernatural for you, they even chucked in werewolves and vampire hunters. Oh and of course, Matt Donovan, who is actually human, the one who constantly goes through so much to help his friends live a happy life, but he always gets stuck in the cross fire.

The story line in general.

It is a roller coaster of emotions. In the small town of Mystic Falls, there’s Elena Gilbert, the Salvatore brothers, as well as Caroline Forbes, Matt Donovan Bonnie Bennett and, who are Elena’s best friends. After Elena’s parents died in a car crash, her life becomes meaningless until she meets the ‘mystery’ guys and it’s a whole other story after that. Lots of heart-break, tears, revenge, love and a lot of times where you will scream at the screen, what’s not to love?

The love stories.

The best love story by far was Elena and Damon’s, however she also had one with Stefan. When dating Damon, she went off track and ended up turning evil and mimicking her lover in his bad ways, however after a while, she brought out the best in him as he did with her. With Stefan is was different, he always brought out the best in her, weather he was evil or not, their relationship was pure. Let’s not forget about Bonnie and Lorenzo, oh and of course Stefan and Caroline.

The Originals.

Klaus, Elijah and Rebecca Mikaelson. There is Kol and Finn Mikaelson, but they weren’t given as much screen time as the other three.

The Original family, who brought all hell to the town of Mystic Falls, caused so many tragedies and deaths. You may think they’re the evil ones, but in fact, they share a similarity with the Salvatore’s and that is to do whatever it takes to protect their family. Klaus is actually a Hybrid, which means he’s half vampire, half werewolf.

But we can’t forget about Michael and Esther, the witch and the vampire hunter, as well as the mother and father of the five.

The Soundtrack.


Last but not least, the soundtrack. A lot of hits throughout the series, that when played fitted every single scene and feeling. There was a few favourites Ron Pope ‘a drop in the ocean’, Ross Copperman ‘Holding on and Letting Go’. The song ‘Wings’ by Birdy was another that was played through a heart-breaking episode. A few Ed Sheeran hits, Marilyn Manson, You Me At Six, Placebo, Tom Odell and many more. A soundtrack filled with catchy, emotional and uplifting songs, it’s definitely one to add to your Spotify list.


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