BUCS Weekly Roundup: Week 2 of the season

Plenty of winners in this week’s sports roundup and the season has only just begun! 

Make sure if you’re part of a sport team to tag us on Twitter (@unified_news) with all your pictures, quotes, results and notable events to be mentioned in next week’s round up.

If you missed last week’s round up: here you go.

A good luck from our sports president, Chloe Woolaway.

Men’s cricket

The 1’s team smashed their game against Gravesend by 30 runs whilst the 2’s team were unlucky going against Whitstable where they lost by a single wicket.

3’s were also beaten by Sturry’s 2’s by two wickets.

Women’s basketball

Women’s basketball weren’t so victorious this week and lost 59-34. Best of luck for next week!

Men’s football

The 1’s team should be proud of themselves – they won 3-2 to Imperial.

Meanwhile the 2’s team joined in the celebrations by winning 3-2 against Hertfordshire.

Women’s football

Looks like women’s will also be joining in on the celebrations, winning 5-4 against Essex’s 1st team!

Men’s hockey

The 1’s team took home a victorious 7-2 score against Kings – all good news so far.

And the good news continues! 2’s team won by 4-2

Women’s hockey

Victory still continues for all the hockey players as the women’s 1’s won 6-2 while the women’s 2’s team won by a whopping 11-1. Well done CCSU hockey!

Men’s lacrosse

Hockey weren’t the only ones celebrating. Men’s also won 9-4 against Essex.

Women’s lacrosse

Unlucky for women’s who lost 15-4 against Imperial 2’s.

Men’s rugby

Overall good results from men’s rugby with 1’s winning 20-12 against Kings followed by 2’s team taking home another win with 17-7 against Kings’ 3’s team.

C4’s 3’s were unlucky this week and lost 31-5 against Brunel.


1’s were unlucky too and lost 14-5.

But the 3’s took home a win against UKC 36-23 – this was then followed by the 4’s time that had a victorious win of 22-8.

Women’s volleyball

We’ll end this weekly roundup with the impressive results of women’s volleyball: 3-0 to C4 volleyball!

This week’s photos

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