Canterbury council places man in ‘shocking’ housing conditions

A Canterbury man has been offered temporary housing in shocking conditions with broken doors, burnt floors and shattered windows. 

Wayne Millburn from Canterbury has been placed in temporary accommodation in Chatham by Canterbury City Council.

He arrived at the property last night and was mortified at the ‘inhabitable state’ of the house.

His partner, Jo Barton was ‘disgusted’ when she entered accommodation. She claimed that the front door is broken – and anyone can walk through without a key or passcode.

The Canterbury couple was even more horrified when they entered his room which had a ‘damp’ smell.

The grottiness of the property was revealed in the pictures posted on the Canterbury Residents Group.

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Wayne suffers from mental health issues – he was devastated that he has been placed to live outside of Canterbury away from his friends and family.

His partner Jo is worried that these living conditions could worsen his mental health.

She said: “He told me he would rather sleep on the streets of Canterbury than live in here.

“There’s no difference in the state of the streets than this house – there’s no heating or hot water.”

She added: “The only thing that keeps him busy is his games console. He’s even said that he’ll sell that just to get back to Canterbury because the council only got him a one way ticket to Chatham.”

Wayne received a letter from Canterbury City Council stating that he will be charged £22.66 per night at the Chatham accommodation.

Canterbury Council will charge Wayne £22.66 to live at this property per night

Other tenants are currently living under the Chatham property.

One tenant said: “The drink is the only friend I have had for the eight months since I’ve lived here.”

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Since the pictures of the property appeared on the Canterbury Residents Group, a member of the council has spoken out and said they will take ‘immediate action’.

Rob Davies commented: “This accommodation is clearly unacceptable and we are in touch with our provider to find out how this has happened. We’ll be taking immediate action today to find a place somewhere else.”

A few moments later, he added: “The accommodation pictured in the post is not being lived in. It is empty.

“[Wayne] is living elsewhere in the property. That said, our view is that the whole building should not be being used as accommodation at the moment. As per my earlier post, We will be moving [Wayne] to different accommodation later today.”

Paramount Property who leases the accommodation have been approached for a comment but are yet to respond.

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