Canterbury students’ union launch gender pronoun badges

Canterbury Christ Church students’ union have revealed their new pronoun badges. 

Students can collect a free badge with a gender pronoun of their choice at the Church Church students’ union (CCSU) at St George’s Place.

The ‘he’, ‘she’ or ‘they’ badges are to indicate which pronoun to use when addressing the wearer.

Jamie Harris, president of wellbeing at CCSU wants the badges to be a sign of support for transgender and non-binary students.

He said: “It is important that we offer these badges so that we can normalise the sharing of pronouns and everyone can be referred to without the generic grouping of trans and non-binary people.

“We are doing this to show support for our trans and non-binary students as well as raising the awareness of how we can be more inclusive around campus.”

The new CCSU gender pronoun badges

CCSU encourages the use of badges to avoid the ‘misgendering’ of students. Especially those who are gender neutral or transgender.

The Christ Church students’ union also ensures that every member of the student council states their correct gender pronoun before a meeting begins, to avoid incorrect assumptions about a person’s gender.

Student and LGBT+ community member, Luke Chapman is pleased to see the students’ union stepping up to address the issue of misgendering.

He said: “It’s good to see them trying to make a difference towards an issue.

“However, if I was a trans person, it would be quite upsetting to have to wear a badge just to be gendered correctly.

But overall, it’s good that they’re giving people the option to wear one in the first place, that’s crucial.”

University student unions around the country introduced pronoun badges during freshers’ week this year.

Edinburgh university made headlines when they handed out the label badges during their 2018 ‘welcome week’ event.

Most have been supportive of the motion stating that it is a step forward towards a more trans inclusive community, others have feared that the ‘labelling has gone too far’.

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