CCCU releases further statement regarding unannounced flat visits

Canterbury Christ Church University has released an updating statement regarding the unannounced visits at student accommodation.

Numerous students expressed their distress over accommodation staff letting themselves into their flats without being notified beforehand.

The university confirmed in a previous article that there has been a recent ‘fault in the reporting system’ – but students claimed that the unannounced visits happened even years before the complaint was bought to light.

Parham Road Student Village

Since then, Christ Church university has further commented on the issue.

A spokesperson said: “The brief fault in the reporting system, which caused delays to students receiving a notification via their Christ Church email address of when maintenance work will be carried out, has now been resolved.

“Staff and contractors, who access student accommodation to fix a repair, have been reminded of the strict protocol when accessing residencies.”

‘We always seek to respect student privacy and wish to avoid any unnecessary anxiety’

Students are also being reminded that there are protocols that staff must undertake before entering student accommodation.

They added: “This is to knock and announce their department at the flat entrance which is repeated twice prior to entry and to then sign the contractor access entry sheet which is located in the accommodation hallway or kitchen.

“If entering a student bedroom, the staff or contractor will knock and announce their department and repeat this twice, then verbally announce they will be entering the room prior to entry.”

A spokesperson for the university has said they have reminded contractors and staff to follow proper procedures when entering student accommodation

Staff are permitted access to the student accommodation which is stated in the student handbook.

The university said: “This permitted access is detailed in the Student Accommodation Handbook and the Accommodation Licence Agreement Terms of Contract and Conditions which is signed by the student when they move in.

“We always seek to respect student privacy and wish to avoid any unnecessary anxiety, which is why we have procedures in place.

“However, it is also important to respond quickly to student requests for maintenance support; in order to avoid any potential health and safety issues or significant inconvenience to the student.

“If students have any concerns they should report to and faults should be reported to

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Claisse Opulencia

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