CCCU students spends less on socialising compared to other Canterbury students

CCCU students spends the least amount of money on socialising compared to the other three main universities in Canterbury, according to a new study by Save the Student.

Students from universities across the UK, including Christ Church, University of Kent and the University for the Creative Arts were asked about their spending habits.

The data revealed that CCCU students spend an average of just £48 a month on socialising, in comparison to UKC students, who spend £56, and UCA students, who spend a whopping £84.

And this is despite CCCU students spending an average of £335 a month in total, in comparison to UCA, who spend only £301.

CCCU students spends more money on travel

All three Canterbury universities spend less than the national average of £364, with UKC students spending an average of £358 a month.

CCCU students also spend over an eighth of their remaining budget on travel after they have paid rent, according to the study.

Christ Church students fork out an average of £44 a month on travel, more than UKC and UCA.

Other expenses include £18 on course materials, £23 on clothes, and £21 on mobile phone bills.

The study also found that the mental health of nearly half of all students suffers as a result of financial problems, and over a quarter say that a lack of money causes their relationships to suffer.

27% of students’ grades suffer as a result of finances. Image by

And this lack of money means that one in 25 students turn to “adult work” to make money whilst in university, and nearly  one in 14 people rely on drug trials.

Only 15% of students turn to their university for money when they need it.

This is who/what students turn to when they need money. Image by
Jake Butler, Save the Student’s money expert said:

“There’s lots of factors at play which determine student spending but there’s an overriding message here.

“No matter where you go to university, it can be expensive. And the student loan most likely won’t cover your costs.

“I’d recommend any student to try and hunt down extra funding by contacting their uni student services. It’s a harsh reality that a part time job is a key part of student life these days too.”

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