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Explained: How ‘The Nun’ fits into The Conjuring universe

The Nun is the latest chapter in The Conjuring universe. It focuses around the horrifying and familiar threat Valak, the demon nun. 

This creepy character has been causing destruction and death around Ed and Lorraine Warren for a while having given appearances in both The Conjuring 2 and Annabelle: Creation.

Valak has been given her own origin prequel, so we can finally put the demonic chaos into some kind of order, which is what I’m here to try and explain.

The Conjuring 2

Valak’s first appearance was in the 2016 movie The Conjuring 2.

This movie brought Ed and Lorraine Warren to England to investigate what they believed to be a nasty Poltergeist but instead found Valek who had been impersonating two entities before finally revealing herself (which was super creepy).

Valak started off impersonating a guy called Bill Wilkins who had lived and died in the now Hodgeson family home.

Janet Hodgeson, one of the young girls living there had been experiencing nightmares and visions of an old man saying the house belonged to him before the Warrens were called in to help.

This is where it gets creepy – after the Warrens had arrived Janet’s visions got even more mosterous with the old man evolving into a mutated version of Bill known as “The Crooked Man” a inhuman spirit trying to infect Janet and make the Hodgesons leave their home.

Anyway, a lot of jump scares later we found out that “The crooked man” didn’t exist and it was Valak impersonating Bills spirit.

Lorraine Warren had been having visions about the demon since she saw Valak back in the Amityville house case, although Valak wasn’t explicitly mentioned.

The visions turned to nightmares over the years, enough for Lorraine to know the demon’s name, which ultimately saved the Hodgesons after she scribbled Valak’s name onto pages of a bible (because apparently demons hate their name being said).

So, thats The Conjuring 2 but it’s not over. We are gonna go back to the 40’s.

Annabelle: Creation

Annabelle creation took place before the Annabelle prequel and along time before the first Conjuring movie. Annabelle: Creation was pretty much an origin story for Annabelle, the super creepy looking and also demonic (of course) doll that had featured in the Warren’s collection and also in it’s spin off movie Annabelle (2014).

Valak isn’t in Annabelle: Creation but she does show up in a photograph by one of the nuns currently residing in the family home of which the doll is in.

Sister Charlotte found the photograph who “spent some time in a monastery in Romania” but has no idea who the strange looking nun in the photo could be.

In the post-credit scene Valak is seen in the flesh, walking the halls of the monastery alone fast forwarding to 1952- which is when The Nun takes place.

The Conjuring and The Nun (spoilers below)

So, The Nun takes place in 1952 focusing on Valak. When a nun commits suicide in an Abbey in Romania, a priest and a nun in training are sent to investigate with the help from local Maurice who was the guy that found the dead nun. They quickly find out that the Abbey is home to the demonic nun, Valak.

After a lot of creepy hallway shots and some grave digging it looks like Valak has been defeated we are shown how unsuccessful they really were. Jumping forward to 1977 during the Warrens lecture from The Conjuring 2 we see an exorcism taking place, on Maurice who had been possessed by Valak.

Future Conjuring universe movies

This timeline is only going to become more confusing and complex with news of a third Annabelle film, and upcoming Conjuring 3 and another spin-off focusing on the Crooked Man so mentally prepare yourself for that.

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