Kent forum being used as sex hub

Brazen punters are offering money for sexual favours and other adult work on the Kent’s Craigslist page.

Members of the online forum are abusing the site to post perverse adverts asking for sex in exchange for payment.

Others are using it to find women willing to perform sexual acts whilst being filmed.

Craigslist users hide their debauchery with phrases like “masseuse wanted”.

Some posts use code-words like “helping hand” and “female masseuse” to hide their debauchery in plain sight.

But others don’t bother, explicitly stating that they are looking to pay for sex.

And some were even more specific with their requests, with one Rochester man posting an advert titled: “Spank me for cash”.

Undercover student

We sent an undercover Unified reporter, posing as a female student looking for some work, to reply to some of the posts.

When they asked an Ashford man for more information on his advert, which was simply titled “cash paid”, he replied:

“I’m looking for someone to suck my c**k for cash.

“You just let me know how much you’d want. If you were ever up for more, then let me know.

Another man said he just wanted someone to “watch me w**k in my car or outside, whatever you are ok with.

He also asked that we bring some worn knickers.

One man asked that we bring used knickers when we met him

And one man posted that he: “[…] just need someone to give me a hand or mouth, reward offered.”

When asked about his post, he explained that he was wanted oral sex, and would pay £50 for the favour.

And some went in to even more detail, with one man telling us: “I am looking for a lady who I can wear tights with and play with each other.”

This man wanted to wear tights whilst performing sexual acts on one another.

Working in the porn industry

Other users use the site to find women willing to act in pornography films.

One user claimed that he paid up to £500 a session, with shoots ranging from “basic nude shoots up to soft porn”.

Another told us: “If you want to do clothed work I would pay £30 per shoot.

The site is also being used to incite people into the porn industry.

“If you want to do adult solo I pay £100. Adult with male is £150”.

Kent police have issued a statement regarding the Kent advertisement site.

A spokesperson said: “Kent Police will prioritise cases where someone is being exploited or there is evidence of human trafficking.

We investigate all incidents reported to us and will work with our partner agencies to safeguard people who may be exploited or need help to change their circumstances.”

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2 thoughts on “Kent forum being used as sex hub

  • 01/11/2018 at 5:47 pm

    Why is sex work being demonised? As far as I can see here it’s mostly people advertising for someone willing to come to them to engage in sex work, not desperate people offering it. Even so, it’s legal and it shouldn’t be considered morally abhorrent.

  • 27/05/2019 at 6:56 pm


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