Places you’ll get to know at CCCU

During your time at Christ Church there are a few places around the Canterbury city campus which you will learn to know and love!

Here’s a few of Unified’s CCCU chosen landmarks to introduce you to…

1. Augustine House aka The Library

The place where you will go to sit your exams, spend all night long finishing off your essays, seek support from the wellbeing team, visit the “Uni Temps” office if you want to earn some cash, and most obviously take out textbooks to assist your learning- it is somewhere you will come to know and love (maybe).

2.  Club Chemistry

The majority of you will at least have visited Club Chemistry during freshers, whether you’re a drinker or not visit all three floors for a variety of tunes and I can guarantee it will hold some of your funniest and memorable nights.

Club Chemistry is your go to for a night out in Canterbury.

3. Touchdown

Mid lecture stomach rumbles or 9am coffee cravings: Touchdown Cafe is your place to be, this being located in the Laud building central of campus.

4. City Centre

A short walk from campus, with every shop and restaurant you could ever need I’m pretty sure you wont ever struggle to find anything for a fancy dress social!

5. Christ Church Sports Centre

Again 5 minutes from the main campus, the gym and sports halls are situated here, this is especially important for all you sports fanatics out there!

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