StreetBeat: An Introduction

An introduction to StreetBeat – a partnership between Kent Police and Canterbury Christ Church University.

As a student, you are told three things. Attend your lectures. Don’t be a reckless spender. Be safe. You are taught about stranger danger as a child in school and no means no in college.

Universities are placing emphasis on slogans like Canterbury Christ Church’s #ExpectRespect campaign. But, what does this all mean?

As a university student, we are encouraged to have a good time. Go out and party and somehow please manage to show up to your 9am. But what happens when a night out goes wrong? Something happens that changes everything. From unwanted attention in the club to getting in the taxi with the wrong person and things spiralling out of control from there…

Now, I’m not saying that this happens on every night out – far from it. Most nights out go out with a bang, with only a hangover as the negative of the morning after. But, as students and as people, we have to face the reality that sometimes not everything goes to plan. Not everything is in our control.

Student nightlife in Canterbury

This year, there was a higher emphasis by Kent Police to show freshers the reality of being a student, encouraging fun but also highlighting the importance of knowing your own limits. With a student population of approximately 32,000 shared between the three universities, that is a lot of people to keep an eye on.

For many of us, Fresher’s Week is the first taste of proper independence. Trying to figure out how to cook, how to do laundry and not having to keep an eye on the clock for curfew. Discovering all your favourite places in town and getting in the habit of a nightlife that you are sure you will keep up once university starts!

Kent Police once again took to the streets and Fresher Fayres to show students how to have a good and a safe time. Showing emphasis on topics such as: knowing your limits, how to become familiar with the cities and to raise awareness of personal safety.

#ExpectRespect at CCCU

This was paired with Christ Church’s campaign for #ExpectRespect, which students are encouraged to pledge to tackling the issue of ‘bullying and harassment of any form, including that of a sexual nature’.

This is what StreetBeat is: a weekly article written for students by a student in partnership with Kent Police and Canterbury Christ Church University.

We aim to discuss everything for student safety to how to get the best night out on a budget. So, have a great time and stay safe.

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