Students ‘nearly suffocated’ after being allegedly forced to stay inside Canterbury club

The Cuban has come under fire after claims that their security refused to let people leave the club – leaving some students ‘feeling like cattle’. 

Students have claimed they were forced to stay inside the Canterbury club during rap artist ZieZie’s performance.

The performance on Wednesday September 19 attracted a large crowd which left some feeling worried for their safety.

Keren Speed, 20, was looking forward to seeing ZieZie perform but was left disappointed.

She said: “It was a usual night out to begin with, however as the night went on and the time got closer to when the artist was supposed to perform, the bar became more packed until ultimately people were struggling to move.

‘I had to pretend that I was going to be sick and they finally let me out’

“We eventually became annoyed because we had no space to move and we attempted to leave.

The students claimed that there was a rope barrier blocking the exit and when they asked to leave, the bouncers refused as the performance was due to start.

“My friends and I explained that all we wanted to do was leave, but were repeatedly told this was not possible.”


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The undergraduates claimed that the bouncers were letting more people enter despite them feeling ‘nearly suffocated’ from overcrowding.

Multiple bouncers reportedly told the students that they were not allowed to leave the premises.

Karen said that she had to pretend that she was vomiting for the Cuban staff to finally let her exit the club.

She continued: “A third bouncer then came out and explained that he couldn’t let people out unless it was an emergency.”

“I told him I was going to be sick, despite feeling fine, and he agreed to let me and my friends out via the fire escape.

“I felt very trapped for at least an hour, and was really uncomfortable at the fact that we were told we couldn’t leave.”

‘We felt like cattle’

Christ Church student, Archie Ratcliffe, attended the event and feels he has been failed by Cuban’s bouncers.
He said: “I’m shocked that we were treated in this way and I can’t believe Keren had to pretend to vomit just so we could leave.
Pictured: Archie Ratcliffe (left) and Keren Speed (right) who attended the event.

He added: “We felt like cattle and nobody seemed to care that we were feeling claustrophobic.

I saw some people who looked like they were nearly suffocating and I just think the safety of your customers is more important than making your club look busy by not letting people leave.”

In response to the claims, the Canterbury nightclub defended their practices and denied the claims of the students.

The Cuban said:  “Under no circumstances would patrons ever be refused the right to exit the venue. If they were attempting to cross the area where the artist was about to perform they may have been asked to leave from a different exit.

“The capacity of the venue is 670 people and we did not exceed 350 people on this night.”


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