Tips on how to get home safely after a night out in Canterbury #LitRoutes

Heading home after a night out? Canterbury City Council have launched a #LitRoute campaign advising students on how to get home safely at night. 

What is #LitRoutes?

#LitRoutes are recommended walking routes for students who are walking back home after a night out.

These ‘sensible routes’ have numerous street pastors and street marshals who are there to offer  help and keep students safe on Canterbury streets.

Street pastors are usually on patrol on Fridays and Saturday nights from 10pm to 4am.

Canterbury subways are equipped with CCTV for extra safety, this is controlled by the council and monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You can access #LitRoutes directly from your phone’s map by clicking here.

Top tips on how to get home safe, by Canterbury City Council:

Plan ahead

How will you get home? With who? Have a contingency plan in case you get split up from the rest of your group.

What taxi?

Download the telephone number or app of a trusted taxi company

Is it safe?

Look for a radio, a badge and always a plate with a taxi ID number and don’t get into an ordered taxi until you’re sure it’s yours.


Don’t forget the Unibus (Uni2) which runs for all students from and through the city centre late into the evening/early morning.

Be aware

If you’re alone at any taxi or bus stop, be aware of your surroundings.

Extra cash

Carry extra money in case you get stranded and need to take another bus, train or cab.

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Claisse Opulencia

Editor-in-Chief of Unified. Claisse is a third year multimedia journalism student at CCCU. Amnesty Media Award Finalist 2018, IRN Awards Runner-up 2018 and nominated for two SPA Awards 2018.

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