Car catches fire after suspected hoverboard explosion

A suspected hover-board explosion was blamed for causing a serious car fire in Medway. 

A car appears almost unrecognisable after it unexpectedly set alight on Watling Street earlier this week (November 26).

After hearing a loud explosion from the boot of her car, driver Stacey jumped out to make a lucky escape. Fortunately, she was the only passenger of the two-door black Volkswagen Golf.

The vehicle appears completely destroyed, with the interiors of the vehicle melted and damaged beyond repair.

Inside the 2010 plate Volkswagen Golf

Driver and owner, Stacy Cordrey believed the hoverboard – which she’d bought as a gift for her son – had exploded in the boot causing the petrol tank to set alight.

However, emergency services are not able confirm whether the electrical toy caused the car fire.

Around eight firefighters and two fire engines attended the scene in Gillingham. One fire fighter tackled the blaze with a jet hose whilst wearing a breathing apparatus.

LEFT: Rearside of the black VW Golf. RIGHT: Aftermath of the car fire

Warning others online, the Medway mother posted a Facebook status regarding the incident which has now been shared over 1,300 times.

Stacey wrote: “Please, be careful with buying hoverboards.

“Driving home today with a brand new boxed [hoverboard] in the boot, it exploded and the car, and it went up in flames within seconds!

“Thankfully no one was hurt, I was on my own.”

Stacey’s mother, Debby Wright is deeply upset about the incident but thankful that no one got hurt.

Debby told Unified: “Thank god she managed to escape the car. It’s a two door – so thankful my grandchildren wasn’t in the back.

“Thankfully my daughter jumped out of the car on time, it happened on a very busy street but luckily it was close to a fire station.

“The hoverboard was supposed to be a present for my grandson’s birthday next week.”

If proven to be the cause of the fire, Debbie hopes to make people aware of the dangers of hoverboards.

Debbie added: “It’s very dangerous – it could have taken taken my daughter’s life. I hope the hoverboard is removed from sales by the end of the day.”

Remains of the hoverboard which was boxed brand new in the car boot

Kent Fire and Rescue Service (KFRS), who attended the scene, are unable to confirm the cause of the fire,  but notes a ‘slight possibility’ that it was caused by the hoverboard.

A spokesperson for KFRS said: “We received a call at 19:41 last night of car fire at Holmside, Gillingham. The fire originated from the boot of the car but the cause is unknown.

“There is a slight possibility that the cause came from an electrical toy from the boot.”

Back in 2016, half-a-million US hoverbaords were voluntarily recalled by ten companies due to fire and explosion dangers.

The hoverboard was sold by retail giant Argos and have since issued a statement.

A spokesperson for Argos said: “We’re aware of this incident and are investigating with the product’s manufacture.

We’ve received no other complaints.”

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Claisse Opulencia

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