CCCU’s Sports Team of the Week!

Once again a great week for CCCU’s sports teams, but who will be our Team of the Week?

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UNIfied’s Team of the Week

This week, the honours go to… Netball 3’s!

They hammered Brunel 41-23 in an utterly dominant display.

Captain Abi Bartlett said the game was won in the first quarter.

“We had such a great start and that really made the difference to everyone’s confidence. Having a session with a Manchester Thunder coach really helped as it really highlighted the areas that we need to work on. Since we have been working on our defensive backline passes and our centre passes.”

“Really proud of how much effort everyone showed to the team”

“We have been aiming to get three passes into the goal ring and a shot. It was great to see the team put this into practice in the game!

“Everyone stayed really focused and determined throughout. We have been working closely with our coach, Lil, to mould the team together and learn how to best play together to get the results we want. I was really proud of how much effort everyone showed to the team.”

From top left: Jemma Veness, Becki Simms, Shelby Proctor, Imogen Ford, Molly Sanderson, Summer Osbourne Bottom left: Sammy Munro, Abi Bartlett, Emily Arnold, Luanna Barnwell

Shelby Proctor

Bartlett’s player of the match was Shelby Proctor after a dominant defensive display but was also keen to praise Jemma Veness.

“Shelby is always integral in defence. She had a great game against Brunel. I would say the way she communicates to the whole team throughout the game makes the biggest difference to everyone’s focus and game play.

Jemma Veness

The captain continued to give praise to another fantastic player: “Another stand out was Jemma Veness, she has been working really hard at training and in matches. She played WA and has worked so hard to gel into the attacking side of the team, her determination really showed against Brunel.

“She played WA and has worked so hard […] her determination really showed against Brunel.

“We made some good interceptions throughout, but there could have been some more made in the centre third, so we will be working on that. Also, continuing to work on first time balls into the goal ring rather than always playing it around the edge.”

Sports President’s Team of the Week

Chloe Wollaway, CCSU Sports President.

We asked Chloe Woolaway, CCSU Sports President, who her team of the week was and here’s what she said…”My Team of the Week this week is Men’s Rugby!

“After the 1’s and 3’s won convincingly in their rounds of Last 16 and are now to the QF’s. I’m very proud of all the boys and I’m excited to see how far they can get!”

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