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The date investigator who will stalk your Tinder matches

A Maidstone man has launched his own investigation service to discover your catfishes.

Andy Bartram, 47, is keen to use his background as an intelligence analyst to expose fake profiles.

Online daters could be one swipe away from meeting their perfect match, but Andy believes we should be stalking our dates before meeting up.

He said:  “I think one thing that worries me is although there is publicity around this issue, checking out your potential partner is quite a new idea. People seem a bit reticent to do it but, I, of course think common sense says it should be the norm.”

Andy set up Vet Your Date earlier this year after watching MTV’s show ‘Catfish’ and realising he knew all of their tips and tricks… plus more.

‘People being tricked makes them feel bad and students already have enough pressure on them’

The father-of-one urges students to be more careful when swiping: “It’s a safety thing, especially for students. It’s one thing meeting someone at a bar but chatting online is completely different.

“There’s been some huge cases recently where people have been duped into sending naked photos or FaceTiming somebody claiming to be the opposite sex. Last year £41m was lost to romance scams – an average of £11.5k per person.”

With online dating on the increase, the number of catfishes are too.

He continued: “Although my clients are generally grateful for these sorts of discoveries it is a sad reflection on modern society that people will just seem to exploit anything available to suit their own purposes.”

Andy normally charges £100 for his investigation services, but is currently offering a 50% discount for all students.

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Rebecca Sheeres

Rebecca is Unified’s Features Editor and a third year Multimedia Journalism student. Her work has been featured on KentLive, Kent Online and Culture Trip. She also co-hosts CSRfm’s Sunday Best show and is an equal rights activist.

2 thoughts on “The date investigator who will stalk your Tinder matches

  • 03/12/2018 at 3:43 pm

    Wow, what an interesting and insightful article. I know so many people who will find this interesting and maybe even take up the 50% off offer!
    Great work to writer and unified team!!!

  • 08/12/2018 at 9:18 am

    A friend of mine used this – she was being catfished and would never have known had it not been for them. The amount of information they found was amazing and from really unusual places. Would definitely recommend!

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