KKK and swastika graffiti appear on University of Kent building

Graffiti vandals have targeted a University of Kent (UKC) halls of residence in Canterbury, painting ‘KKK’ and a swastika logo in large, bright red writing.

The signs believed to have appeared on the wall of Eliot George accommodation around Thursday (October 8).

‘KKK’ is an abbreviation for the ‘Ku Klux Klan’ which is known to be a racist movement. Meanwhile, the swastika symbol that appears next to it, is widely known to be a Nazi logo.

Vandals targeted the Eliot George accommodation on UKC Canterbury Campus

The graffiti was publicised on social media when a student posted pictures of the wall on Friday (October 9).

Students who discovered the graffiti reported it to campus security straight after, Kent Police have also been informed of the incident.

University of Kent students’ union quickly spoke out to condemn the vandals and said that they are working with Kent Police to investigate the matter further.

Reported on Kent Live, Kent Union said: “We take incidents of racism extremely seriously and are working with Kent Police and the University regarding the offensive graffiti daubed on Canterbury Campus yesterday.”

The racist signs were removed from the walls today.

Kent Union added: “It has been covered and is in the process of being removed. Kent union abhor this behaviour, which is completely against our values of inclusivity and support and we will continue to stand up to harassment, discrimination and acts of hate crime including anti-Semitic attacks where and whenever it is encountered.”

‘Abhorrent, archaic and unjustifiable.’

UKC student, Lissy Johnson, took it to Facebook to express her disgust at the graffiti.

She posted on Canterbury Residents Group: “We, a collective group of students and individuals at the University of Kent unequivocally condemn the recent spate of facist graffiti on campus.

Regardless of the varying political leanings on campus, we can all agree that actions like this and the views they represent are abhorrent, archaic and unjustifiable.”

She continued: “We all wish to show solidarity with those affected by this.”

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