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Mike Eddy criticised over decision to switch from Labour to Green

Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate for Dover & Deal has criticised Cllr Mike Eddy’s decision to join the Green Party.

Eddy left Labour following claims he was bullied by other members of the party.

Charlotte Cornell has criticized this decision to switch from red to green.

Cornell told Canterbury Christ Church University students at a Q&A session hosted by the university: “Mike is an asset that I’ll miss.

“But there’s no integrity in leaping to another party when you don’t have an elected mandate to represent a particular ward for a particular party.

Charlotte Cornell at the Q&A session

“I was personally really sad to see Mike Eddy go. He is friend of mine and offered 10 years of services to the Labour party.

“He said he was bullied by people in his group. I haven’t seen the emails he referred to, it seems really sad if it is true.

“It’s unfortunate that Mike said he was bullied. My experience with the local Labour party was friendly, inclusive and hard-working.

“I will stay in touch with Mike.”

Mike Eddy left the Labour party at the start of November, claiming that he had bullied for 20 years.

“I’ve had enough. I want out”

He announced his departure on Dover seafront, stating that he left because of “a lot of nastiness in the Labour group” and a “constant stream of what [he’d] call bullying emails,” according to Kent Online.

He went on to say: “I’d had enough of that. I want to get on with dealing with the Tories and the damage that they’re doing to the people of the Dover district.

“I don’t want to play silly games.”

He added: “There is a limit to what one can take – that any human being can take – so I decided ‘that’s enough, I’ve had enough. I want out.”

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