OPINION: Students, keep calm and stop being offended

Christ Chuch student Adam Pond, speaks out on students’ over sensitivity to ‘minor issues’ from loud clapping to halloween costumes. 

A few weeks ago, the Manchester University Students Union has banned clapping and replaced it with jazz hands. This was order to be more inclusive to those with anxiety (who don’t like loud noises) and to those that are deaf.

I propose this university to take one step further and ban all talking, for those sensitive to noise, and ban jazz hands as it is offensive to the blind.

I believe the level of pampering that’s given to university students are going to leave a fair amount of us completely unable to face reality when leaving university. People need to learn to live with things that they do not like, as life is going to be full of them.

Students should stop being offended by trivial matters such as clapping being too loud and start being offended by serious issues such as war or poverty.

I was quite frankly shocked to see that Manchester’s jazz hands story was an article at the top of the front page of the BBC news, while the recent Tsunami in Indonesia (that has killed over a thousand) required thorough scrolling. Where are our priorities?

In other depressing and Orwellian news, University of Kent has banned certain Halloween costumes ranging from ISIS costumes to cowboys. To your surprise: I’m completely on board with the idea.

Students shouldn’t be allowed to dress how they want, it should be a right taken away from them, just in case their mates can’t tell someone that dressing up as Hitler makes you a a complete prick. Not that it’s even comparable comparing dressing up in ISIS or SS soldiers to dressing up as ‘chavs’, ‘tory boys’ or cowboys.

Dressing up in a sombrero is ‘cultural appropriation’, they say. Should we not take anything from other cultures for fear of cultural appropriation, we shouldn’t eat pizza or pasta or read books by Russians, for fear of misinterpreting them. I thought we were moving toward a more inclusive society, as oppose to a less inclusive society.

List of banned halloween costumes at Kent uni: Nazi uniforms, priests, nuns, cowboys, Native Americans, ISIS bombers, Israeli soldiers, Tory boys, Chavs, Prophet Mohammed, Jimmy Savile, Harvey Weinstein

The war on freedom of clothes, ideas and personal choice are being fought by those who preach freedom.

That is, freedom to not be oppressed and freedom to have their own safe space. But the truth is, nowadays, freedom comes at the cost of risking offence to others. People are withholding their freedom of speech over the fear of offending another being. But for me, freedom will always be more important than feelings.

Disclaimer: Views, thoughts and opinions expressed on this article solely belong to the author and does not represent the views of Unified as an organisation.
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