REVEALED: Which students spend the most on illegal substances

New data has revealed which students spend the most on illegal substances.

The data comes after Save the Student surveyed over 3,000 students across the UK on their spending habits.

The figures show that the University of St. Andrews tops their list, with students spending on average £31 a week, according to the survey.

Students from Brunel University London came in second, with an average spend of £24 a week.

Spending around £18 a week, Ulster University comes in at a close third.

The big spenders – the 7 universities which spend the most on illegal substances

But figures were low over all, with the average spend of all students coming in at just £4 a week.

Jake Butler, the operations director at Save the Student, said the figures were smaller than expected.

He said: “In terms of the amount spent on illegal substances, both at particular unis as well as nationally, does seem a little low.

“Recent reports have started to show that students are moving away from an alcohol culture towards recreational drugs.

“However, looking at into the statistics on a deeper level we found that there are quite a few students spending £20+ a month on drugs, but the average was brought down by a large proportion that prefer to avoid drugs.”

Of the 90 universities who’s data was used, students from 25 universities said they didn’t spend any money on illegal substances, including those from Canterbury Christ Church University.

And students from the University of Kent spent an average of £2 a week.

How the universities of Canterbury stack up against the national average

Jake continued: “The only precautions when analysing the numbers would be that these statistics are averages.

“A low amount at any university may be because of a high number of students that spend nothing on a certain thing.”

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