‘Tis the Season: 5 cheap and easy Christmas decorations for your accommodation

As we move into late November, it is becoming more acceptable to start getting into the Christmas spirit, so here’s some decoration ideas yule love!

Twisty Snowflakes!

These giant snowflakes look much better than just snipping at some folded paper and hoping for the best.

They can be hung, or stuck onto windows and you will generate a very small amount of mess. Even better! You could even finish off your design with glitter or different colours of paper.

Click through our slideshow for a step-to-step guide on creating your very own.

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Beautiful Pinecone Garland

This one will require you to get out of the house and go outdoors!

Find yourself a good assortment of roughly 20 pinecones and little twigs from the same pine tree (from the ground), then take them home with you.

You will also need a glue gun and some thick thread of ribbon, preferably red or green.

Measure your ribbon to fit all of your pincones and twigs randomly and set down newspaper before you begin to use the glue gun.

Glue guns can get incredibly hot very quickly, so please take care. Slowly add a dollop of hot glue to the bad of the pinecone and press the ribbon or thread in. This will take seconds to dry so make sure you are precise!

After you have completed the entire garland, tie 2 loops at either end and you will be able to hand them from curtain rails, stairway handrails, along pinboards or wherever you want!

Cardboard Crimbo

Student accommodation is usually filled with cardboard from takeaways, amazon prime deliveries and DigIn boxes.

So, it is only imperative that there should be a creative way of using up the waste! It’s super easy and the painting will take your mind off of all of your assignments due in January.

Click through our slideshow, to see just how you can create a little Christmas tree, using cardboard and paint.

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Zero-Waste Straw Starbursts

Drinking comes naturally to the holidays and with that might come used plastic straws. Place these in hot water with washing up liquid to remove the dirt.

For an extra special touch, you could use a mixture of festive colours or add glitter.

Once these are all washed out and dry, line them up in a row and cut off the top drinking part (past the extender).

Place a zip tie around the middle of the entire bunch and pull this tightly. Once this is done you will have an explosion of colour and no waste in sight! Use the end of the zip tie to pin or Blu-Tac onto a surface.

Credit: Aunt Peaches, www.auntpeaches.com

Candy Cane Chic

Doubling up as a decoration and a gift, this sweet creation looks delicious and heart-warming.

You will need, obviously the candy cane, pine tree twigs, ribbon and also little bells or cinnamon sticks if you are feeling extra fancy.

Tie all of these parts into a little bundle, making sure that the ever-green twigs are behind everything else.

Little bells or cinnamon sticks will make you look like you put tons of effort in, as well as add some well-needed scented air-freshener to your accommodation.

The ribbon will secure everything together and leaving a little bit of length to hang on your roomie’s door adds for a lovely touch.

Credit: SMCbyDesign.com

Let us know how you got on with these tips!

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Brittany Tijou-Smith

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