Why self-love is so important #UnifiedFem

Why loving yourself is the basis for your whole life, and the most beneficial way to be happier, healthier and more free.

Self-love doesn’t just have a ”one definition fits all” – one way of practicing self-love doesn’t work for everyone. But loving yourself is universally the most important thing we can do, not only for ourselves but for everyone else. Whether it’s long baths and tea, crying to your favourite sad movie, removing yourself from toxic situations or posting them bomb-ass selfies – self-love and care take on many forms, but every single one is important.

Self-love is not just your relationship with yourself; it’s your relationship with the world around you.

Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start with self-care, or what you need to do. But even more so important is knowing why you’re doing it, and why it’s so crucial, because then you know what you need. Loving yourself, first and foremost, means you are okay, you’re looking after yourself and treating yourself with care, understanding and comfort. But even this begins to seep out – if you know what you deserve and what you need, then you know who to be around and to not waste your time on unhealthy relationships and people who are toxic to you. Knowing the space you need to re-energise , or the reassurance to get through, can help you understand how to help others.

Everyone needs to be okay, fundamentally, but also so everything else is much healthier and easier to get through.

Once you have this basis of taking care of yourself, you begin to exceed in knowing what to aim for and how to get it; what you need and what you don’t; who you should give your time to (hint: not the gross Instagram messages from weirdos who told you what to do with your body, or ex’s who want to try to lead you on again); and how you’re going to get through.

Being okay is the first step in getting through anything, and self-love is the building block for everything you experience, do and create in your life.

I asked some of the people closest to me, what is self-love to you? It changes for every person, and hearing their responses was not only wonderful to know they take care of themselves, but also shows how they’re such good friends:

Self-love to me is being able to pick myself up and telling myself it’s okay to take time to get back up again. It’s the patience, strength and chances you need to give yourself.”

It’s easy to ignore self-love, but you need it. Self-care is pulling yourself out of it because you DO deserve it! It isn’t selfish, it’s the determination and belief you can be your best self.”

Whatever makes you love yourself, do it. Whatever gets you through the day, helps you smile, helps you love your body and your mind together, do it! You are the most important person to yourself, the one you spend every living moment with – you have to make friends with the permanent and constant person in your life. You need to love yourself. And never feel ashamed doing it – because you’re killing it, girl!


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