#GirlBlog: Why having girl friends is so important

A little nod to the importance of having girl-friends and what my friends mean to me.

This is really a love note to my few friends. I am not going to lie, my first year was lonely. I did hang around with a few girls but I always felt on the side line and that I didn’t really belong. I did make a few close friends towards the end, but I have learnt that quality really does beat quantity, and I honestly cherish their friendship.

Girls are the best agony aunts and I love having someone I can talk to, and really express how I am feeling. They are brutally honest, so I know i can trust them in helping me talk through a decision or a difficult situation. This definitely also means talking to them about the the stress that comes with university work and assignments.

Girl best friends are sisters at heart

Go talk to your friends and ask for them to proof read an essay, because fresh eyes are always a food thing when you have been staring at the same words for eight hours straight. It is well known that mental health and university is closely connected, and this makes it even more important that you have sometime to go to about anything that is on your mind.

Friends will never judge you, and they will only have your best interests at heart.

It is the best feeling to just take a break and go out and have a good gossip and giggle over cheap wine. Meeting up with my friends is my best remedy when I am feeling a bit low, or just missing some fun after a boring week.

My friends are cheerleaders. They have been there for pep-talks and guidance, and there to celebrate my victories with me. 

They have also convinced me a certain boy fancied me, even though I was painfully naive towards this fact, which I still blush in embarrassment at. My friends helped me with important dating tips and how to dress for the first date.

Most importantly, I know I can talk to my friends and that they know that in the same situation they can confide in me too. They have created a more positive and fun university experience for me.

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