Is social media ruining relationships? #UnifiedFem

Is social media bringing us together or distracting us from the real connection with our significant other? It’s not clear and easy, but the answer is a bit of both.

Dating websites and apps exist.

Years ago, women were courted face-to-face before men could ask them out. Love letters and expensive calls from a pay phone were necessary to a blossoming relationship. Today, men and women simply find each other on dating website or app and now social media is responsible for igniting new love affairs and maintaining old ones. Both younger and older generations participate in this world of social media and despite differences in age; we all use it in a similar way. The use of social media means different things to different people and how you use your mobile phones depends on your attachment style and relationships.

We compare our relationships to others.

Every relationship is different and every couple communicates, expresses emotions and spends time together in different ways. However, it is difficult to think about how your relationship compares when you see your friends on Instagram or other social media apps going on luxurious holidays and impressive dates.

According to Mediakix, we spend 5 years and 4 months of our lives on social media.

We’re oversharing. 

Social media gives us the opportunity to connect people who are living thousands of miles apart, as it gives them a ‘virtual’ shared experience. In that process, we have freely opened up aspects of our life that were previously hidden to those who were interested such as important life events, dates, nights out, holidays and family gatherings. But, with this ‘virtual’ shared experience comes with risk. For example, by sharing special moments through the use of social media, you lose the moment. In quest to connect virtually, you disconnect from your reality and the people in it. Your attachment to positive reinforcement through the likes and comments will keep you separated.

It’s the person in front of you who matters.

No matter how many videos and photos we capture, nothing can take the place of physical experience. Words and pictures just aren’t enough. Life is meant to be lived and savoured and social media just stops us from doing that. We miss the expressions of our loved one’s face and the magic of ordinary and simple life moments. The next time you hit a big milestone and before you hit that ”share” button on Facebook, you could arrange a phone call or a date with your special someone. Tell him/her how it made you feel and give that special person the gift of sharing happiness and tears. Try not to publicly share every aspect of your life. Instead, lets keep those special moments with your significant other.

WATCH the video below by TheTalko on how ‘Social Media is Ruining Your Relationship’.


Social media can be good sometimes.

Social media keeps relationships interesting and it’s a great way to keep tabs on your partners day-to-day activities, especially if you’re in a long distance relationship. It keeps people in touch with each other, it’s so much easier now to share new information, discover new places and let’s be honest, we are all on it so that’s probably not going to change. What is good to remember is that social media in no way reflects real relationships. It is like our own portfolio of our best and most curated moments that gives everyone else only the image we want to project to the world. It is also essential to remind ourselves that we don’t need to publicly share every aspect of our life on social media.

Instead, let’s keep those special moments with your special someone.


Do you think social media is ruining relationships?

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