OPINION: Bombarding residents with anti-abortion leaflets is NOT godly

A few weeks ago, Canterbury residents were stunned after receiving anti-abortion leaflets through their door. The leaflets posed as Christmas cards that hoped to share the a pro-life message – but not all agreed with the ‘insensitive’ technique.  Unified’s Maddy Goacher shares her opinion on the topic…

When I think of Christmas, I think of compassion, understanding and  ‘loving thy neighbour’. Not shoving anti-abortion leaflets through people’s front doors.

After finding out that unsuspecting Canterbury residents had been bombarded with graphic anti-abortion leaflets, I was appalled. How can anyone shame people who are going through immense mental and physical turmoil? The controversial act of Pro-Life Christianity was a massive talking point on the Canterbury Resident’s Group Facebook page when a recipient posted an image of the leaflet she had been sent.

Two disturbing images, thankfully covered by the recipient’s fingers, were on the leaflet as well as this message:

“This Christmas as you spare a thought for the Baby in the crib, spare a thought for all the babies in the womb: that they might be born as God intends; and not butchered, as the devil intends.”

The leaflet

Talk about propaganda.The horrific and quite frankly, ungodly leaflets, I believe do not demonstrate the true meaning of Christianity or Christmas.

Religious teachings

In Christian teachings the greatest commandment is, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. The second is this: Love your neighbour as yourself” (Mark 12:28-34). 

The person (or group) who distributed these anti-abortion leaflets did it out of loving their neighbour? Go figure. Whilst I do understand that this act of aggression does not represent every Christian’s belief, I am still dumbfounded that anyone, especially someone who claims they’re devoted to a good cause, could do this. In my opinion, whoever did this and actually went through the process of compiling the leaflet, printing it and distributing it could do more damage than good.

‘It’s the most heart breaking choice to make’

For someone who is in absolute turmoil about a very personal decision, this can be a deal breaker between life and death of TWO beings.The two beings: The first, who is still in a world of it’s own and hasn’t fully developed emotionally or physically. Or, the second, who has developed emotionally, physically and has actually taken their first breath on earth. Other Christian teachings say that life is a “precious gift from God”(Psalm 139:14).

How can some conceptions be a gift from God? Conceptions through rape are not gifts, they’re an added level of trauma.


The controversy over abortion has always existed. And still does, especially in Northern Ireland.

And if you’re an avid Call The Midwife fan then you’ll know just what extreme measures women (pre Abortion Act, 1967) would go to because they:

a) Couldn’t afford to look after the child.

b) Didn’t wan’t to birth a child after being raped.

c) Or didn’t want to bring a child into a violent family.

d) Didn’t have easy access to emergency contraception.

The leaflet was disguised as a Christmas card

A lot of measures that women went through in order terminate a pregnancy, did indeed ultimately end their lives too.That is why I believe these anti-abortion leaflets can do more harm than good.

I wonder if for one minute that the group or person who sent these leaflets through the resident’s doors thought:

“You know what, maybe this will really damage someone who’s going through a really tough time? I wonder if children will see these leaflets and will have nightmares for weeks?”.

Your reactions

When the leaflet was shared on the Canterbury Resident’s Group Facebook page it got an unsurprising amount of mixed reactions:


A young woman who had an abortion reached out to us and gave her verdict on the leaflets:

“I would be absolutely distraught having had these posted through my door after going through an abortion earlier this year. It’s the most heart breaking choice to make.”

“I believe these leaflets are inconsiderate and utterly disgraceful. I understand that everyone has their own opinions about abortions, but I think forcing your opinion on something which you clearly do not know anything about is madness.

“You should never judge someone when you don’t know the situation they were in.”

I will forever be thankful that we have the right to a safe and legal abortion, in a time of need.

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