Students petition to name university building after late lecturer

Students have started a petition to name a university building after late lecturer Goran Stefanovski.

Goran Stefanovski was a senior lecturer for Film, Radio and TV (FRTV) at Canterbury Christ Church University. He was also a well established dramatist and scriptwriter.

The ‘much-loved’ academic passed away at Ashford Hospital on November 27 at the age of 66.

Working at Christ Church for 16 years, the news of his death saddened and ‘shocked many students and staff alike’.

FRTV student Harry Mcghin started a petition to name the new arts building after the talented lecturer. The student described Goran as a ‘wise old owl’.

Harry said: “He was a very accomplished man who has been credited with writing credits for two films and numerous tv shows, and even released his own book.

“If I had to describe him in as few words as possible it would be a wise old owl.”

The student hopes commemorate Goran’s wonderful work by naming the new £15m arts building after him.

He added: “Why name it after Goran? Because he contributed to so many of our lives and was such an incredible person.”

Nearly 300 people have already signed the petition page despite it being launched a few days ago.

CCCU’s brand new arts building 

Supporter have commented that naming the new arts building after Goran is ‘the right thing to do’.

Anna Walter said that the late lecturer was a ‘huge inspiration’ and her favourite lecturer at Christ Church.

Harry Cooke commented: “A fitting tribute to a man who contributed so much to the arts.”

The new arts building is scheduled to open around January 2019.

You can support and sign the petition here.

Students’ heart-warming message to Goran

Jazmyn Barlow

Goran Stefanovski was a kind, generous lecturer who always put others needs before his own. One Thursday before helping our film class prepare our scripts, he called his grandson on his birthday and asked everyone in the room if we were able to sing happy birthday to him. He turned around the camera and we happily sang the song. Goran had the biggest smile on his face and wished his grandson a happy birthday before diving straight into the lesson. To show his appreciation the next week he bought some chocolates for the class to share. But we didn’t sing to his grandson for the chocolate, we sang so our most inspiring teacher would have a great day.

Amelia-Lucy Gregory

Thank you for believing in me and inspiring me Goran, you told me that I am more than a writer, I am a story-teller. Like all your students, I’m so honoured to have been taught by you.

Jack Bucklee

Thanks for everything Goran, always such a friendly face and always willing to help and a great guy to go for advice.

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