Riverdale Season 3: What’s going on so far? 

Riverdale has hit back with a third season. But it has a mysterious turn…a deadly role-playing game, a prison break out, and tragic blue lips!


Sounds crazy right? Well the show has left fans shocked over the last few episodes they have released. There has always been a dark side to the show but it has really come through in this season.

A new game has entered the world of Riverdale called ‘Griffins and Gargoyles’, yes, very similar to ‘Dungeons and Dragons’. However, it’s not all fun and games.

After taking the lives of two young students from the high school, by suicide, it looks like it could get a whole lot worse as everyone there has now been exposed to the game.  

Griffins and Gargoyles is a game that is played by the characters and it is still unclear as to what the rules are. There is a also a new king in town, who these players worship.

No, sadly he’s not as good looking as the Serpent King himself FP Jones.

It’s safe to say he is super creepy and goes by the name ‘The Gargoyle King’. Jughead played a game with Ethel, so that he could learn a bit more about it. But it turned dangerous very quickly, when he had to decide which cup to drink from 

A soft drink that turns your lips blue hence where the term ‘blue lips’ that can be seen throughout the season, the consequences of drinking the incorrect liquid? Poisoning. 

But that’s not the weirdest part of the new season! There is a crazy farm where people sacrifice babies, Betty is also seen to be having fits. The scary part is this could quite frankly be the town’s new threat. But apparently, “it’s all in Betty’s head”.  

Episode 4 was based on the 90’s where they all played their parents and where in a group called ‘The Midnight Club’. They’d play the game after breaking into the school-grounds at night. It was on one of those nights that the principle died, but everyone was too ‘high’ on the drugs that Hiram Lodge supplied to notice that anything was wrong. Alice then came face to face with the devil himself.

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Your opinions!

We spoke to students at Canterbury Christ Church University to find out what they thought about this season of Riverdale so far…

Journalism student, Charley Monroe, 22, said : ”I think its got quite a sci-fi twist and definitely a turn on the supernatural path, which has always been a hidden agenda in Riverdale but recently it’s started to shine through, especially in season three.

“Rituals in the woods and baby sacrifices isn’t really my thing

“It’s giving off a really strong message to viewers watching as well though, I’m just not sure I like this season as much as the previous ones.

“It might be a little too much too soon on the sci-fi front, rituals in the woods and baby sacrifices isn’t really my thing.

Sam Murdoch, 21, however thought that the third season was even better than the last!

“I can’t help but look forward to the next episode”

The Multimedia Journalism student explained: “I think it’s amazing how well it’s all made to look so normal. When everything that happens if definitely not what happens to young people!

“The acting is amazing and every time an episode finishes I can’t help but look forward to the next one.”

 The last episode ended with Archie’s tragic prison escape, after he got was sent to prison at the end of season two.

His friends were in on the plan and Archie had to crawl through a sewer to meet Betty on the other end. When they finally get Archie back, they find that he has been branded with a hot iron by the Warden, this is the same mark that was found when Doiley and Button died.

Warden Norton who works at the ‘Seaside Recreation Centre’ is seen at the end of the latest episode with the G&G card ‘Kill the Red Paladin’ who in this case is Archie, because he was unsuccessful in doing so, he drank the blue liquid and died shortly after. Jughead says in the background:‘’Was it that the game of G&G he had been playing is finally over and the Gargoyle King was calling him home to ascend. Either way the death was the same death by cyanide poisoning.” 

There is a lot to take in this season and it’ll be sure to mess with your head, but this season is building up to a massive climax. After the last two seasons, something awful is bound to happen.  

But there is so much that we have yet to find out! Like who is playing the Gargoyle King and could there be more than one? 

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