University plans to reduce extension days to 2-3 days

The university is considering to reduce coursework extension deadlines to only 2-3 days.

Currently, any student needing an extended deadline for their coursework can apply for a ‘Self-Certification Request’ which will give them a 7 day extension.

However, Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU) is planning to reduce this to only 2-3 days. The benefits are that students will no need to longer have to give a reason for why they’re applying for an extension.

By reducing the extension days, the university hopes to make the process smoother as it will ensure students can receive their feedback ‘in a more timely manner’.

If proposals are approved, the new extension days will be implemented next 2019/20 academic year.

CCCU have launched a survey to get students’ opinions on the changes. You can tell them what you think here.

What is the current situation?

On their online blog, the university explained: “Self-Certification Requests cover genuine short-term difficulties, which cannot be easily evidenced. Currently you can request a Self –Certification 7-day extension or take an examination at a later date. You can only use this twice in an academic year. You must make your request by the date of the deadline.

“Research with students and staff has shown that they value the support that the self-certification process offers. They also reported some challenges with the current system, particularly in relation to the length of the extension, which can delay students getting their results and negatively impacting their ability to progress in their studies.”

What’s the new proposal?

The new proposal will reduce the extension period covered by Self-Certification and simplify the form, as students will no longer have to identify the reason for their request.

The changes are intended to streamline and automate the Self-Certification process, making it a smoother and quicker process and ensuring you receive your feedback and results in a more timely manner.

There are no changes planned for Evidence Based Extensions so students can still request up to a 14 day extensions.

What do you think?

You can fill out the survey here or let Unified know what you think by commenting or sending us a tweet on @unified_news


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Claisse Opulencia

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