CANTERBURY FREEZE: February’s 9 days of snow

Christmas may have come and gone but winter is still going strong, Canterbury will soon see it’s first flakes of 2019.

With temperatures at their lowest for this time of year, it can mean only one thing.

According to weather forecasters AccuWeather, Canterbury will see nine days of snowfall in February.

Six of those days are predicted to have back-to-back snow.

Here is the February snow-cast for Canterbury:

  • Saturday the 2nd of Feb – 22mm
  • Sunday the 3rd of Feb – 1mm
  • Monday 4th of Feb – 3mm
  • Tuesday the 5th of Feb – 4mm
  • Wednesday the 6th of Feb – 1mm
  • Thursday the 7th Feb – 5mm
  • Saturday the 9th of Feb – 2mm
  • Sunday the 10th of Feb – 29mm
  • Monday the 11th of – 35mm

Let us know what you’ll be getting up to in the snow

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