5000+ chickens to be rehomed after cancelled slaughter-truck

A Tenterden rescue organisation, near Ashford, aims to rehome five-thousand chickens this January and February.

Fresh Start for Hens (FSFH) was able to rehome four-thousand-one-hundred birds over the festive period and hopes to up their game by moving another large amount of hens from The Macs Farm in Ditchling, near Lewes.

In a statement the organisation said: ‘Commercially, all laying hens are slaughtered at the age of 72 weeks, when their production drops slightly.

‘Their carcasses are worth very little and are usually sold for dog food, baby food or cheap, processed pies etc. We work closely with British farmers and purchase the hens from the caged, barn and free range systems, just before their slaughter date.’

‘All laying hens are slaughtered at 72 weeks’

‘We rehome hens to a diverse range of individuals wanting hens as pets or companion animals. Hens have begun their new lives in town, city and country gardens, allotments, schools and residential care homes.’
The egg-layers will also not be available to people wishing to use them for commercial purposes.
They continued: ‘You don’t need to have a big garden to keep a few hens, they will be grateful for the additional years of freedom you can offer them and reward you with their entertaining antics and probably an egg or two.’

The East Sussex farm is home to 18,000 chickens, however when they get older and slower at producing eggs, the females are often put down or sent to slaughter.

FSFH stated that they stopped a lorry headed for the slaughterhouse, after telling the farmer that they were able to give the farmyard-fowl new homes.

Five thousand hens will be available at sixty different collection points around England and Wales.

The rescue group are asking for a minimum donation of £2.50 per hen and reservations can be made online, by visiting their website.

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Brittany Tijou-Smith

Brittany is a third year Multimedia Journalism student, her work has been featured on KentLive and KentOnline. Her filming work also won ‘Documentary of the Year 2018’ at Canterbury Christ Church University.

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