Groundbreaking ceremony for the new £65M Christ Church building

With all the attention on the opening of the ‘Daphne Oram’ building this week, the beginning of another, more expensive Christ Church structure officially started today.

The university held an official groundbreaking ceremony for the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Medicine, building this morning.

The building cost a whopping £65M, and makes up part of a £150M investment by the university.

The new structure is set to open for the 2020 academic year, and will house the Christ Church branch of the new Kent and Medway Medical School.

The Lord Mayor of Canterbury, Councillor Colin Spooner said that the new building is essential to the growth of the city.

“The new medical school is absolutely paramount to local hospitals.”

“It’s most important we need to make more with our universities,” Cllr Spooner told a Unified reporter. “And this building is an absolute advert to what is needed in our city.

“The new medical school is absolutely paramount [to local hospitals]. Its vitally important in my view.

“We need something in Canterbury, and a medical school is the first step towards it, and I as a city councillor am 100% behind it.

“The university contributes towards the economy of the city, but also improves whats growing here day by day.”

“This investment of a £65M building is the largest investment the university has made since 1964.”

Vice Chancellor Rama told guests at the groundbreaking ceremony that he also believes the new building will contribute to the local community.

“The new building will provide a huge opportunity for our staff and our students.

“This investment of a £65M building is the largest investment the university has made since it moved site in 1964.

“I’m very proud of what we are trying to achieve here, students and staff, but also in terms of what this will do for working with businesses and the community, and working with the health service as well.”

Watch: Ceremony video by Unified’s Tom Schwartz

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