8 money saving tips for students

New year and that student finance loan just dropped into your account and you might feel like going on a crazy shopping spree – but think wisely…

We have some tips on how to save even the littlest pennies. 

Set yourself a budget and take it out in cash at the start of the week.

What I do at the beginning of the week is take out of my budget, then I often don’t bother taking my debit cards out with me, sometimes obviously this doesn’t work as some weeks you need to spend more money than others but it does help to try and stick to the budget.   

Buy instant noodles from an Asian grocer. They’re cheaper and taste way better.

This is a brilliant little cheat, noodles are cheap and fill you up and this little hack can save you loads of money!

Always carry a water bottle with you when you’re on campus.

This is such a simple idea – but can save you lots of money by simply bringing a water bottle to classes with you, that way you feel less of a need to buy food and drink in the canteen.

Save that money for a rainy day

Buy your meat (If you eat it) from the reduced section and freeze it.

This saves anything from going out of date, and it is very easy to defrost things in the microwave, I bulk buy chicken when it is on offer or nearly out of date and freeze it because it works out much cheaper.

Communal cooking If you and your flatmates are happy to agree, you can buy your groceries together in bulk.

You could even plan meal schedules and share the cooking. If food is cooked at the same time, this can also save money on energy bills. You can also improve your culinary skills! There are plenty of websites that provide recipes free of charge.

Enjoy food with friends then save money

Get part time work.

If you can work in your free time to earn extra money, then do, as it will also help to stop you from spending money. Even if you can’t work during term time there are also loads of seasonal jobs available at the moment.

 Make the most of student discounts.

As a student, there are so many deals in the high street shops that you can use your student discount for, loads that we don’t even know about. Always make sure you ask! Check here 

Drink at pre drinks.

If you drink… Do most of your drinking at pre-drinks, you’ll save a ton of money getting your own drinks at home instead of spending £££ at pubs or bars. But it’s always good to enjoy the atmosphere of pubs, even better if you’re supporting a local business when you can afford it.

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