“It looks like a christmas-cracker toy” – Canterbury shoppers react to Poundland engagement ring

Poundland introduced ‘placeholder engagement rings’ for £1, allowing couples to choose their own ring after proposing – but what do the public think? UNIfied reporter Tom Schwarz finds out.

It’s been described as cheap, tacky, and the perfect way to set a marriage up for failure, but others have said they are the ‘perfect placeholder’ for those who want to buy the real deal together.

A budget supermarket has added a new ‘romantic’ product to their range… wedding rings.

The newest additions to Poundland’s extensive range are £1 engagement rings.

The rings are being sold with the tagline ‘because they’ll want to choose their own’, with the idea being that you propose with the Poundland ring, then choose the real ring together as a couple.

The engagement rings that have gained mixed reactions across the nation.

Poundland’s new jewellery buyer Frances O’Sullivan said: “These are beautiful placeholder rings because we know they’ll want to buy their own.  We’re looking forward to a #PoundlandProposal becoming the way it’s done.

“Our Bling Ring is setting the scene for the real deal.”

But what do the people of Canterbury think? We took to the High Street & Whitefriars to see what the shopping couples thought of the rings.

“I’d rather a haribo ring”

Ashford resident Dan Brown, 28, said he thought the ring was good value for £1.

However, Agi Zacz, who also lives in Ashford, disagreed.

“‘Oh gosh,’ would be my reaction if someone proposed to me with one of these,” said Zacz, 25.

“I’d rather get a haribo ring, to be honest.”

“I’d probably say no”

Neither Alex Morris and his girlfriend Gillian Watchorn were impressed with the ring.

A proposal that started with a Poundland ring wouldn’t last, according Alex, saying: “It looks horrible. I wouldn’t buy one myself.

“It wouldn’t last – the ring or the marriage. It’s not very serious, is it?”

Girlfriend Gillian agreed, “I wouldn’t be very happy if someone proposed with it. It seems like a bit of a joke.

“It looks grim. I’d probably say no if someone proposed to me with it.”

“You’d be taking a bit of a gamble”

Retired Les and Mary Howard also weren’t too impressed with the ring design.

“It’s a bit of old toot. It looks just like a toy,” said ex-chef Mary, 72. “The box it comes in is alright, but the ring looks a bit like a Christmas cracker toy.

“You’d be taking a bit of a gamble – It wouldn’t be a very good start to married life.”

Despite this, ex-electrician Les, 70, says a Poundland ring could save you hundreds of pounds if you get rejected.

“If you spend hundreds on a ring but get turned down, it’s a waste of money, but these days, people don’t get married for love anymore. It’s all for money.”

What do you think of the Poundland rings?

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