Puppy-cuddling event returns to CCCU

If you’ve attended a CCCU puppy day before, then you’ll know why it’s the paw-fect event to attend during stressful deadline periods.

Do you feel stressed out? Are you anxiously awaiting your exam results?

Or do you simply just love to stroke puppies?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then Christ Church’s puppy-cuddling event is probably your kind of thing.

Last years puppies looked adorable

For a mere £1 you get to spend 5 minutes stroking, petting, and showing unlimited amounts of affection the 8-week-old and 4-month-old puppies.

“The idea behind the day is a stress relief event,” said Jamie Harris, who helps run the event.

“Students can come and see puppies which could help distract them from day to day stresses.

“It also helps give students a break from their studies.

Would you like to cuddle these dogs?

The feline event is in its fifth year, and Harris says he wants to keep doing more.

“The event has proven popular over the last few years so we wanted to keep it going,” he continued.

The event takes at 11:00 on Monday, 21 January in Augustine House, with only one ticket allowed per person.

All proceeds will go to TAG pet rescue.

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