‘Faeces infected water’ fell through through student accommodation ceiling

A Canterbury student was left horrified when ‘faeces infected water’ began leaking through the ceiling of her £580 per month university accommodation. 

Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU) student, Brittany Tijou-Smith from Parham Road student village, had been experiencing electrical faults throughout her university accommodation that costs her £145 per week.

The student said that there would be days where rooms throughout the house would have no working light – with the bathroom lightbulb ‘popping’ whenever switched on.

VIDEO: Electrical faults at the Parham Road accommodation flat

After reporting the fault, a member of staff inspected the property and found that the bathroom lightbulb had turned into a dark brown colour. After removing the cover, the student was shocked to find sewage-like water trickling down to the floor.

Brittany said: “He took the cover off and the bulb was filled with toilet water with sh*t which poured out all over our bathroom. It just sloshed out from the ceiling.”

The ‘brown and murky water’ came from the bathroom above which had flooded over a few weeks.

[LEFT] The toilet water leak first appeared through the bathroom lightbulb. [RIGHT] The student’s bathroom floor filled with ‘rancid smelling’ fluids
Brittany added: “The water smelt absolutely rancid. It was brown and murky. When it sloshed out of the ceiling, it went everywhere and made the bathroom smell really bad.

“I just thought that the lightbulb had blown, that’s why it looked black – but no, it was filled with faeces infected water.”

‘Dangerous and disgusting’

The 20-year-old multimedia-journalism student then spent hours disinfecting her bathroom to get rid of the ‘disgusting’ smell.

An electrician was sent by CCCU later to fix the leak and amend any electrical faults. The electrician allegedly told Brittany that he’s worked on multiple CCCU buildings with flooded toilets.

Brittany said: “The electrician who fixed it said that he had four recent jobs where flooded toilets at CCCU accommodation have wiped out communal and individual bathrooms.

“It’s dangerous and disgusting. I’m disappointed because there have been so many issues with the house so far and it’s not even the whole way through the year yet.”

CCCU accommodation: Parham Road, Canterbury

CCCU have released a statement regarding the incident stating that they were unaware of the incident, but would have been happy to send over a cleaner as soon as it was reported.

A spokesperson for CCCU said: “The university received a report of a faulty light fitting in a student’s accommodation. Upon inspection it was discovered that the reason for the fault was water leaking from the floor above. This is now being repaired as well.

“The university was unaware of the damage caused to the student’s room, if this had been reported we would have arranged for the room to be cleaned.”

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Claisse Opulencia

Editor-in-Chief of Unified. Claisse is a third year multimedia journalism student at CCCU. Amnesty Media Award Finalist 2018, IRN Awards Runner-up 2018 and nominated for two SPA Awards 2018.

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