Argos is selling a ‘full-body length’ hot water bottle

The snow may have come and gone, but temperatures are still ridiculously low.

And the bitter coldness is no more noticeable than it is at night, when no amount of blankets seem to prevent that chill getting through.

Well, Argos have found the perfect solution for those chilly nights.

You can wrap this bottle around your belly

Their newest addition is a full-body length hot water bottle, measuring in at an impressive 75cm from top-to-toe.

The shopping chain boast that the water bottle will keep you warm for 6 hours.

And it even comes with a handy strap so you can attach it to your body for those bitterly cold shop-runs.

Argos hot water bottle
The water bottle stretches a whopping 75cm

You need just under a full kettle’s worth of water to fill the hot water bottle.

The heating accessory will set you back the pretty price of £25.

What are the reviews saying?

The reviews so far are very positive, with the water bottle receiving an average of 4.7/5 star rating from the 45 customers who have reviewed it so far.

Argos hot water bottle comment

This customer described the product as ‘lovely and snuggly’.

Almost everyone who reviewed it said they really liked the water bottle.

Argos hot water bottle comment

This person loved the strap that comes with the bottle.

Only one of the 45 customers which reviewed the product gave it less than 4 stars.

Argos hot water bottle comment

This customer wasn’t too impressed with the hot water bottle…

Now, what do you think?

Would you buy one of these hot water bottles?
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