Canterbury Varsity 2019: Ones To Watch

With Canterbury Varsity fast approaching, Unified brings you this year’s ‘Ones to watch’!

Here are just some of the people you should keep your eye out for in the fixtures…

Before we share with you the ‘Ones to watch’ if this is your first Varsity or someone who doesn’t play sport and is wondering what all the hype is about! Check out this video with Christ Church’s Sport Exec Team and President of Sport Chloe Woolaway.

Men’s lacrosse

With this year being a really successful one for the boys it was hard to pick out just one player. But, captain Harvey Veasy said that his one to watch is: “Josh Branchett: After unfortunately missing out on last years Varsity due to injury. This year he’s back fully fit and firing for this year’s encounter.

“He’s had an immense season to date, with solid performances from our midfield in attack and defence. With him now adding goals too his game I expect him to be an extremely dangerous player for us at this years Varsity match!”

Here is Josh Branchett in action, could he be the difference between the two sides as they meet in just under a week?

Men’s Football First Team

Captain Aaron Elliot has named his one to watch this year as Jaden Stephenson, he said “My one to watch is winger Jaden Stephenson.

“He’s a football fresher who made an immediate impact on the team when joining at the end of last year.

“He plays direct, aggressive football and has been involved in many of our goals this season.”

Jaden Stephenson hasn’t played for the first team that long but has really impressed his captain this year.

Men’s Football – Fourth Team

The one to watch for the fourth team wasn’t even originally picked for the team but has impressed captain Shaun Connell so much he has managed to make his way into the team.

Connell said: “My player to watch will be Simon Grainger, Simon impressed in pre season fixtures and hasn’t looked back since, cementing his place at right back and playing the most minutes out of anyone for the team throughout the season.

“A big presence in the dressing room and on middle floor Chem, Simon has been a valued member of 4th Team winning the most Man of the Match awards for his efforts on the pitch.

“I’m still waiting to see these long shots he says he has in the locker, and i’ll be hoping to see one fly in the goal against Kent on Monday & that’s why Simon is my one to watch at Varsity.”

Simon is the one to watch this year. Make sure you are there to support the boys on.

Women’s Football

Annie Green is the one to watch this year. This is her first year playing for c4 and has really impressed captain Kate Foster.

She said: “She has been a great asset to the team and is improving every week, she has grown in confidence and is a big part of the team, on and off the pitch.”

This may be Annie’s first Varsity but she isn’t going to let that stop her from doing everything to bring home the win for Christ Church.

Women’s Lacrosse

This years one to watch is Sophie Giles. Captain Poppy Martinez has described her as someone not to be underestimated, she said: “Woman’s lacrosse varsity one to watch this year is Sophie Giles.

“Sophie has really started to shine this year and is a total pocket rocket! Kent would be foolish to underestimate her because as soon as she gets that ball she’s on a mission.

“This is her first varsity but won’t be her last!”

Here is Sophie, look out for her at the fixture this year! Lets hope she can have another great performance and help Christ Church get the win!

Men’s Hockey – First Team

The boys have had a very good year this year. With plenty of freshers playing for the first team and making a real impact to the team. This year the first’s teams one to watch chosen by captain Will Giltrow is Thiery Preston. He said that Preston brings a level of calmness to the central midfield “The word ‘mercurial’ is often used to describe those players whom add extra unpredictability to proceedings.

“Thierry Preston is the opposite of this. Steady, calm, composed are just some of the clichés attached to the French wizard in the middle of the park. With hips Shakira would be proud of as well as one of the most consistent passing in East Canterbury, Preston has the ability to keep the Christ Church machine ticking over in pivotal moments.”

Thierry in action for Christ Church.
Photo Credit: Ken Matcham Sports Photography

Men’s Hockey – Second Team

Aaron Curtis is the one to watch for the second team this year. Curtis has been a real asset to the team this year. He owns his own Hockey company so you may see one or two of his ‘Rise’ Hockey sticks floating around the two teams.

Captain Dom Annand said: “Aaron joined us this year while doing a PGCE. He is a magician on and off the pitch. Get ready to watch some entertaining hockey when this man is on the pitch!”

Netball First Team

With the netball first team game being one of the best in last years varsity it is definitely an event you do not want to miss! This year Amber Moore is the one to watch for Christ Church!

Captain Olivia Miles said: “Amber Moore is my one to watch for this years varsity. She’s managed to fit easily into the team and take on any position given. Her movement in the circle and shooting is amazing!”

Last year the Netball first team game was one of the best at Varsity. Keep an eye out for Amber hopefully she can shoot Christ Church to a win.

Netball – Second Team

Daisy Jones is the one to watch for the second team.

Captain Emmy Sheehan said: “Daisy Jones is my captains player to watch for Netball 2nds. Her shooting and movement in the circle has improved dramatically over the last year and she’s a great asset to out team!”

Netball – Third Team

Jemma Veness is the one to watch for this match! She has been described by captain Abi Bartlett as a ‘little pocket rocket’, she said: “She may look sweet but she is fierce! Jemma has really worked hard all season and tried various positions in attack and finally found her perfect position as WD!

“I can’t wait to see how she performs at Varsity, I think she will really shine!”

Make sure you look out for Jemma at the Netball third team match!

Netball – Fourth Team

Captain Charlotte Davern had this to say about her one to watch: “Sara khan is my one to watch for varsity. She’s improved so much over the year and is a great asset to the team!”

Are you going to be at the Netball Varsity event? Make sure if you are you look out for Sara

Men’s Cricket

Archie Hobbs-Moore has impressed both captains this year with some standout individual performances with both the bat and the ball. Second team indoor captain James Roche said: “Archie is a bowling all-rounder that both captains have been incredibly impressed with this year and have decided that Archie, will be our combined one to watch.

“Coming to university on the back of a lot of success at club level, having won the Kent under 19s T20 trophy, beating a very strong Canterbury side in the final.

“A solid fielder with good hands, who rarely drops a catch and is always willing to put his body on the line to save runs. Handy with the bat, Archie has made some pivotal contributions against some strong sides such as UKC 1’s, CCCU 1’s and Gravesend.

“But it is with the ball that Archie comes into his own, highly accurate being able to consistently bowl lines and lengths, as well as getting good shape through the air to deceive batsmen.

“With big game experience and good all round skills we back Archie to do very well at varsity.”

Archie (bowling) has fitted really well into the team this year, lets hope he can have another stand out performance at Varsity and bring home the win for Christ Church!

Women’s Cricket

Women’s President Anastasia Hampson said the one to watch is captain Annabelle Richards.

She said: “The one to watch would be Annabelle Richards. Our fresher/scholar/ captain! Has helped us so much through the year so far.

“Helped train up the new girls and help polish up some of us who have been playing for years! Annabelle played for Kent Cricket for many years and has brought her talent with her!”

Annabelle Richards is the one to watch make sure you get to the sports centre tomorrow to support the girls!


This is the second time dance has been in Varsity but the first time that it will count towards the actual Varsity score. If lasts years event is anything to go by this is one that you have to see.

The one to watch is Suzanna Thomopoulou.  President Cherelle Goode said: “Suzanna is one of C4 Dance’s most versatile dancers competing for Novice Hip Hop, Advanced Contemporary, and Commercial alongside Latin.

“This is the first year Dance have entered Latin into their Wildcard category at Varsity and their competitions with Suzanna being trained in Latin and choreographing the whole routine as it makes its debut. Her spirit and performance is amazing and we really have no doubt that she will carry C4 in Varsity next week.”

Keep your eyes peeled for Suzanna and her choreographed Latin routine.

Men’s Basketball

Basketball’s one to watch is Jamal Simpson. Captain Will Evans said: “He can fly high and show off with great dunks as well as score the ball effectively, watch out for him during varsity for some highlight plays.”

Jamal in action, for Christ Church. Make sure you look out for him during the basketball match! Photo Credit: Ken Matcham Sports Photography

Women’s Basketball

Women’s Basketball was hands down one of the best games at last years Varisty with Christ Church scoring on the final buzzer!

Mary Ofoedu is the one to watch for the girls! Captain Eftychia Panayiotou said: “In her first year playing basketball Mary has only just started playing basketball but she has improved so much over the last 5 months.

She is more confident every game. She is a strong player and always fights for the ball.

Are you coming to support the girls this year? Make sure you are there to see a great match!

Women’s Hockey – First Team

The first team have enjoyed success this year through both teams, but the ones you should keep an eye out for in the first team fixture have been described as determined and skilful.

Captain Alice Brett said this about her two to watch this year: “Fresher Alice Wetters with great determination and incredible skills, she also has a kind warm heart and makes everyone laugh!

She sure has made a positive impact on our team this year!

Alice may only be a first year but she has had a real positive impact on the team.
Photo Credit: Ken Matcham Sports Photography

The second player who is sure to make an impact on the game is Ellie Johnson, Brett said: “Ellie Johnson can make anything on the hockey pitch possible, even a reverse hit from the baseline ends in a goal!

Her commitment this year has been great and she has some silky skills she will definitely perform at Varsity!

Will Ellie lead the first team to victory? Make sure you are at the event to find out!
Photo Credit: Ken Matcham Sports Photography

Women’s Hockey – Second Team

Captain Holly Harrison has said her one to watch this year is someone who is always willing to try new positions to help the team out.

She said: “My one to watch this year is Rhiannon Wilson, as a third year current, each week she is always willing to try new positions and help the team in anyway possible.

:Her confidence has grown immensely and her general passion and kindness for every member of the team is incredible.

“I’m a very proud and honoured to have her in my varsity squad!”

Rhiannon has shown her talent in the BUCS fixtures this year, lets hope she can shine in the Varsity fixture Photo Credit: Ken Matcham Sports Photography

C4 Jets

During this year’s Varsity performance, Tom Stanley is the one to watch! Jets captain Lee-Anne Mounteney said: “He is talented, fearless and hard-working.

“Throwing himself into every skill and task set! His motivation and determination has allowed him to constantly progress, coming on leaps and bounds. Tom is a true asset to the team and always shows 110% commitment.

“Be sure to keep an eye out for him -it’s not something you will want to miss!”

The Jets are set to perform on the Friday night of varsity make sure you are there to support!

Men’s Rugby

The men’s rugby match is one of the biggest events at Varsity. It closes the event and is one you certainly do not want to miss.

First team captain Kieran Elliott has said his one to watch this year is Ali Barker.

He said: “Ali’s been a key part of our squad this year so far and dictated plays from 9 very well and shown good skill and knowledge of the game.”

This is Ali’s first Rugby Varsity but he has showed how keen he is by all the hard work he puts in at training.

Women’s Rugby – First Team

Women’s rugby have been very fortunate this year by having some great freshers come and join. Captain Morgan Ransley has given two for you to keep an eye out for during the game.

She said: “There are a lot of fantastic freshers that are coming through the works this year, as well as the second years still fighting for their spot on the pitch.

“Everyone puts in an amazing shift every week, but the two stand out girls and ones to watch would have to be Alice Crabb and Chloe Oakley.

Chloe Oakley in action. Women’s Rugby are action on the last day of Varsity. Make sure you are there to support the girls. Photo Credit: Ken Matcham Sports Photography.

“They both possess a great deal of passion and determination on the pitch. Having both been completely new to rugby, both of them have incredible commitment to training, where they both began showing their amazing capabilities and skills.

“With each week, they were improving at a rapid rate solely down to their efforts and determination. Since then, they have both solidified their space in the starting XV and have done nothing but excel and improve all year.

“I am a very proud captain and would like to say thank you to our coaches, both old and new. After a big fixture last week, and strong performances in training, I am feeling confident heading into Varsity, we have a strong squad and talented players.

“Our training sessions over the coming week will help to determine the win. Also, a massive thank you to Olivia Stevenson for being my backbone this season.”

Alice Crabb has been a real asset to the team this year.
Photo Credit: Ken Matcham Sports Photography

Check out this years official Varsity video put together by Sports President Chloe Woolaway.


Equestrian has two you should keep an eye out at this years varsity! Both Liv Griggs and Abbie Sykes have impressed captain Sarah Hollinsworth this year.

Hollinsworth said that Sykes has amazing dedication, she said: “Abbie has shown amazing dedication to the training this year always turning up and having a smile on her face always .

“We had a training session for jump the other day and she shone through and showed how much her training has contributed to her riding.

“She’s quick thinking when it comes to jumping and more then ready! She’s a newcomer for varsity this year and will definitely be one to watch!

Abbie Sykes, has really impressed this year so make sure you keep an eye out for her at the equestrian varsity event

She also had this to say about Griggs: “Olivia is returning to varsity this year and competing in the dressage again. She came first in her dressage tests last year and is definitely one to watch again this year!! She’s shown heaps of dedication to the team and has only developed her riding more through her training this year.”

Liv Griggs is one to watch this year! Make sure you head over to the equestrian Varsity match and support the team!


With Athletics returning to Varsity this year, our students get to show off their talents in the 5K Park Run.

Briony Walsh is Christ Church’s one to watch. Briony said: “Making the Kent team for Cross Country was a huge achievement as an 800m athlete, it’s shown me I am ready to prove myself over the longer distances. I’m excited to bring this to varsity”

Snow Sports

Snow Sports president Austin Foster described his one to watch as a ‘rising snow legend’ so make sure if you travel to watch the team you keep an eye out for Emmanuelle Chalupa.

Foster said: From day one she could down a pint like a trooper, and her skiing doesn’t disappoint either!

“Head hunted by our home of chatham ski centre to become an instructor for the 19/20 season she is definitely one to watch out for for this and many varsity’s to come!”

Emmanuelle Chalupa is set for a big future in snow sports.

Swim Team

Rebecca Dunn-Coleman and Jack Hathaway are the ones to watch this year!

The swim team have improved so much this year! Come down to Kingsmead leisure centre to watch Christ Church in action!

Captain Courtney Adderley said: “They’re both a massive contribution to the swim team and are both always motivated and are a joy to have on the team!”


Keep your eyes peeled for Kimberley Hicks the trampolining scholar! Vice captain Chloe Sampford said: “With her commitment to training and increasing her difficulty, she’s recently been showing some impressive routines followed by high scores at competitions, making her one of our top performers”

Will Kimberley be able to spring christ Church to victory? Make sure you’re at the event to watch and support the team!

Good luck to everyone playing in Varsity Fixtures this year. Play hard, enjoy yourselves and get them wins!

Don’t miss a single event this Varsity! For all the information about events, times and locations, click here!

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