Canterbury Varsity Round Up: Day 2 – Swimming, Snow Sports, Pole and Dance

Canterbury Varsity’s Day 2 saw Swim, Snow Sports, Pole Fitness and Dance all compete in their events!

If you missed any of the action, take a look at our live blog here


Unfortunately Kent took home the winners trophy at this event! But Christ Church showed spirit the whole way through!

There were some standout performances from Christ Church swimmers.

The captains were very pleased with how the whole team stayed strong and fought to the very end!

Snow Sports

Captain Tom Brown suffered a nasty blow in the test run today meaning he couldn’t compete. He was taken to hospital but he is okay now. Snow Sports President Austin Foster said: “He’s had stitches but is feeling a lot better now.

The team were unfortunate to lose 5-0. But there were a lot of positives to take from the event.

Pole Fitness

CCCU Pole Fitness secured the first win of the day for C4!

C4 also took home a majority of the individual awards as well. Mikey won best performer, the judges said: “We could have watched that again and again and again.”

However due to this being the first time it being involved in Varsity it doesn’t count to the overall score of Varsity!

Hopefully we can put in the same performance next year and win the event again!


WOW! What an event this was. The crowd was hyped the whole way through and the dancers delivered with the goods!

UKC won the overall event but Christ Church won individual performances too

The dances were unbelievable and you could see how hard both teams had worked to make sure they were perfect.

Chloe Mills gave her opinions on how the event went!

There was some tricky conditions to put up with as well. The dance floor was very slippy and a few dancers did slip but managed to carry on professionally!

Spirits were kept high as we were all waiting for the results as a friendly dance off started!

Well done to everyone who played and performed today, you did Christ Church proud!

We’ll be back tomorrow for all the action day three has to offer!

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