Canterbury Varsity Round Up: Day 3 – Equestrian, Lacrosse and Football

What an exciting day for Canterbury Varsity 2018. C4 teams absolutely smashed all their games and we even took home a huge win! 

If you want a more in-depth catch up, take a look at our live blog. 



Equestrian team smashed Canterbury Varsity 2019! It’s the second time in a row that they’re our varsity champions. We couldn’t be more proud of our small team.

Captain Sarah Hollinsworth was ecstatic about the win.

She said: “Winning was a dream. Kent thought they had a good chance of winning but by the morning we were already way ahead.”

The captain is very proud of her wonderful team, they may not as be as big as Kent’s – but their quality clearly outshines their quantity.

The team popped a couple bottles of champagne to celebrate. We are so proud!

Women’s lacrosse 

It was an unfortunate loss for the girls with 20-3 to Kent.

Girls were in full support mode of their team:

There were Kent players flying…

We spoke to the girls to see how they thought the match went

It was a thrilling match with so much energy. C4 fans never backed down on the cheering and the girls went in strong for the whole duration of the game. 

Men’s lacrosse

Men’s were unlucky and lost 12-4.

UKC came in strong and scored a goal minutes into the game

Not the best first half for Christ Church but their team mates were keeping the morale strong.

Spectators enjoyed the amount of contact and energy at this game, it was definitely a lovely one!

Final score was to Kent, we spoke to men’s lacrosse captain to hear this thoughts on today’s game.

WOMEN’s football

This was one spectacular game and the huge crowd loved it. We couldn’t be more proud of the girls who are taking home the Canterbury Varsity 2019 Women’s Lacrosse Winner title! 

Each player was unbelievable. So many highlights but we’ll gather the best here:

Like that time #TeamChristChurch scored minutes into the game..

This is more of lowlight but worth a mention. Both teams were giving it everything. 

We can’t deny that UKC’s goalie played brilliantly, she saved so many and the crowd were at awe!

Even through both teams gave it their all, Christ Church swooped that trophy with an amazing last minute goal – and you can tell how ecstatic they were by this reaction. 

Here’s what our very proud captain has to say about her stunning team:

Men’s 1’s football

A very interesting game with both teams refusing to let any goals in. We almost reached full time without any goals. With less than five minutes left, both teams scored leaving it down to who went in stronger during extra time. 

Kent started off strong and defensive. But CCCU has the first attempt of the match.

A bit of a situation between Kent players.


And this is where the drama starts with a fight breaking out..

A brilliant save, can’t deny that. Both teams still struggling to get a goal in. 

We were all expecting to go into penalties but…

BUT UKC WOULDNT BACK DOWN! We had two minutes left but it all kicked off! 


7-6 to Kent.

#TeamChristChurch were winners in our eyes and we couldn’t be more proud of how hard they fought.

The team captain gives a few words:

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  • 16/02/2019 at 4:40 pm

    Why wasn’t cccu equestrian’s 2nd win in a row not even get mentioned?

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