Canterbury Varsity Round Up: Day 5 Volleyball and Basketball

Day 5 of Canterbury Varsity 2019 was one to remember with women’s basketball treating us to one of the best matches at varsity so far. 

If you want an in-depth catch up on what happened today, check out our live blog now.

Women’s basketball: WIN

A huge win for women’s basketball who did not back down! CCCU were neck and neck with Kent throughout the whole game.

We were in a lead by a few points in the first half, but Kent managed to score a few points and be ahead by the second half.

Throughout the second half, C4 girls gave it their everything and more and it paid off by leading a few points ahead.

By the last quarter, CCCU made successful baskets and thanks to Kent’s foul plays – they bagged us a few points through free-throws.

With only 10 seconds to go until the end of the game, CCCU were ahead by only ONE point.

Kent would NOT back down and continue to push through and secure a two-pointer to win the match but our C4 girls did everything to make sure that the ball did not go anywhere near their basket.

The girls’ hard work and determination won them the title of Canterbury Varsity 2019 Women’s Basketball winners.

The match was incredible to watch and it has definitely been one of the best at Varsity 2019 so far. Kudos to our C4 Women’s Basketball team!

Here’s a quick run down of the game…

Both teams struggled to consistently stay in the lead. Neck on neck throughout the game.

Even by half time, we were only a single point ahead.

With 5 minutes to go, the girls picked up their momentum and bagged an 8 point lead.

With less than a minute left, Kent fought back even harder and equalised.

Kent’s dirty played earned us a free throw where we score a single point. Putting us ahead by 1 point with only a few seconds on the clock.

The girls knew that for the last ten seconds, they just had to avoid letting Kent have another basket… Which they did with such strength.

And then…

WINNER! Thank you women’s basketball for never backing down and doing us proud!


Men’s volleyball: LOSS

Unlucky loss for men’s volleyball who never backed down. They played spectacularly especially when winning a set. But unfortunately, Kent had the upper hand until the end.

Here’s some action shots from the game:

Final score: 3-1 to Kent.

Women’s volleyballL LOSS

The ladies’ team loss by 3-0 to Kent. They pushed harder throughout the whole game but they struggled to win a set.

Here are some snippets from the match:

Well done volleyball! It was a thrill to watch and you fought so hard – the winner in our eyes!

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