CCCU’s LGBT+ History Month: Celebrations and events

February means that is is LGBT history month and this year’s theme is ‘Peace Activision and Reconciliation’.

This month-long annual celebration observes lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender history, as well as the history of the gay rights and related civil rights movements.

This not only highlights role models within our society and builds a community spirit but it also represents a civil rights statement about the contributions of the LGBT community.

Wellbeing SABB Jamie Harris has spoken to UNIfied about what CCCU are doing to raise awareness for LGBT this month, he said “We have a range of thought provoking events happening throughout February for all staff & students for LGBT History Month.

Keep an eye out for displays in Augustine House Library, as well as social media and blog posts throughout the month. The rainbow flag is also raised outside Augustine House to show our support for the month in and around campus.”

LGBT history month at CCCU
LGBT history month at CCCU

CCCU are also representing LGBT history month through promoting famous idols throughout the month including Marielle Franco and Robert Graves. Keep your eyes peeled for the CCCU blogs  about the various role models of the LGBT community and their work as the month goes on.

UNIfied have spoken to the LGBTQ+ society here at Christ Church and this is what they have to say about what LGBT month means to them:

“For me, LGBTQ+ history month means acknowledging the struggle and hardship that our community has gone through and how strong we are. It makes me feel more secure in myself because I learn more about people like me that have existed all throughout history and it encourages me to keep going.” – Caelan McDonnell LGBTQ+ society president
“Learning about influential queer people in history (like my fave Magnus Hirschfeld) tells today’s queer youth they can excel in whatever they want regardless of their gender or sexuality etc” – Evelyn Eades Graduate in Film, Radio and TV
“People believe that the LGBTQ+ community is a millennial or 20th century invention, queer history proves that this isn’t true” – Alex Clifford MA Modern History Student
“Throughout history LGBTQ+ people have consistently been oppressed and it is important that we recognise the struggles many have faced and are still facing. LGBT history month is a time that the community and allies can come together to recognise the problems of the past and work towards a more accepting society!” – Katey Pugh LGBTQ+ society social secretary. 
LGBTQ+ society at Canterbury pride

“LGBTQ+ history month is important because the achievements and successes of our community need to be remembered”

“By acknowledging history, what our community has been through, what we’ve changed, how we moved forward and got to where we are, makes us grateful and motivates us to work towards even more.”

“It’s important to reflect on the systemic oppression of LGBTQ+ people and the ways in which we have overcome it.”

“LGBTQ+ history month for me is a celebration of the people who paved the way for us. From Marsha P Johnson and stonewall, to Freddy Mercury and the success of Queen.”

This month the society will be raising money for Mermaids UK, which is a charity supporting families and providing individual support for gender diverse and transgender children and young people.

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